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PDF version of Water - Summer 2004
PDF version of Water - Summer 2004
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Rainwater recycling: it is likely that rainfall patterns will continue to change bringing shorter but heavier bursts of rain causing flooding and soil erosion. Household water consumption is increasing per capita, and as the climate warms other usage will increase, so new ways will have to be found to reduce, reuse and retain water within the environmental system we inhabit ...

Can we keep the taps flowing?: we consume vast quantities of drinking quality water and most of this is not used for drinking. Our loos, washing machine, dishwasher, power shower, combi-boiler etc, gobble it up like crazy. We then discharge it, contaminated to the sewer or septic tank. This drinking quality water is fast becoming very costly stuff and we are learning that we are paying for it twice. In through meters and out in rates!

Natural swimming pools: the pleasure of using natural water once again for bathing and swimming is now available to many people, whether it is in the privacy of their own home or publicly at a hotel, a park, or any recreational centre in the mountains or at the seaside! They are sheer bliss in which to swim and a joy to see ...

Greenwich Millennium Village: the Greenwich Millennium Village (GMV) began its life late last Century as a bold example of sustainable construction. The complex, still only less than half completed, continues to be a magnet for a diverse range of awards. Keith Hall visited the site last September to see what all the fuss is about ...

Home sickness: the average person in Western countries spends up to 85% of their time inside buildings or in transport taking them between buildings. These buildings have changed dramatically in the last 30 years due to increased energy efficiency as a result of the 1970ís oil crisis and by the multitude of new chemicals, materials and gadgetry developed within this period ...

Solar school: Now Gloucester can add to its trophies, with this new campus picking up yet another award, The Civic Trustís Sustainability Award. Opened in September 2002, the £14 million campus highlights a sustainable strategy ...

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