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Solar will 'become dominant electricity source'  Rate it
Solar will 'become dominant electricity source' The solar market is set to expand 10-fold by 2030 with the technology heading towards becoming the world's dominant electricity source, according to analysts from Deutsche Bank. read more...

Tory plans re zero carbon exemptions 'shortsighted'  Rate it
Plans by the Conservative party to exempt 200,000 Starter Homes designed for young first-time buyers from the zero carbon standard have been deemed “incredibly short-sighted” by the UK Green Building Council. read more...

New 'Home Quality Mark' scheme welcomed  Rate it
New 'Home Quality Mark' scheme welcomed This week's launch of an independent sustainability standard for new homes, the BRE Home Quality Mark, has been welcomed by a manufacturer of roofing and facade products. read more...

Third round of Green Deal Home Improvement funding announced  Rate it
Another round of funding under the auspices of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has been announced, this time worth up to £70 million. read more...

Brighton fruit recycling project seeks funds  Rate it
Brighton fruit recycling project seeks funds The Brighton Permaculture Trust has launched an online crowdfunding campaign with Buzzbnk to complete the building of their planned Fruit Factory which will turn unwanted fruit into delicious produce. read more...

Fuel Poverty Strategy raises questions  Rate it
Following yesterday's announcement concerning the new Fuel Poverty Strategy, questions have been asked as to why government will not consider extending the Landlord Energy Saving Allowance (LESA). read more...
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