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PDF version of Passivhaus - Summer 2008
PDF version of Passivhaus - Summer 2008
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A passive house can simply be defined as one where a heating energy demand of 15kWh/m2/year is achieved. Judging from its outer appearance alone, a passive house can easily be designed to resemble a conventional home but what we find is that careful attention to detail is the key to ensuring a durable low energy building. Meticulous planning is indispensable, as is an awareness that simple shapes are far more easily made airtight and highly insulated than are complex ones. This issue includes a number of features on this very subject.

Highlights in this issue

Main feature - Passuvhaus (passive houses)
From passive to active
Passive house systems arrive in the UK
Learning from abroad PHPP v/s SAP

Imminent changes to BREEAM (commercial)
Of eco towns, CHA and sustainable homes

In focus - features
Cork insulation - barking up the right tree?
Towards better energy efficiency

Vertical axis wind turbines

A carbon neutral home
Trials and tribulations of a DIY solar project
Green facelift - part 2 eco renovation
Solid sustainability in Brixton
Special feature - Vehicles
Forum debate - electric cars
The future of energy storage - Vehicle to grid, Intergrating transport with the built environment

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