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The UK's only complete and unbiased selection of
Green Building Products for the construction industry.

Finding the right building product for your job can be a tedious and frustrating task. If you are looking for eco-building products the job gets even harder. That's partly because the eco-building product industry is still in its infancy with more than half of the products available originating from abroad.
Over the past decade companies that offer green building products have come and gone with an almost frightening regularity. However, regardless of this, the pool of available products at your disposal is gradually increasing. We have been recording this activity for over fourteen years now and have compiled the only comprehensive directory of eco-building products. It is called GreenPro.

GreenPro is an online Internet library and archive of building products, case studies and research information, which have been carefully selected by the Green Building Press to meet high environmental credentials. It has been developed to complement our other products products to encourage and facilitate easier eco-building. GreenPro provides instant access to over 1000 selected building products currently available in the UK.

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Green Building Products

GreenPro includes: product listings, product news, reports, articles, extensive archive embodied energy data, cost comparisons and much more.

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