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The benefits of registering to GreenPro

Find sustainable products and resources for your project quickly.
Access data any time of the day or night, even on the move. You only need access to a computer terminal with a modem.
Keep abreast of new products and current sustainable building products as suppliers change or move.
Keep track of your less regular suppliers.
Research in the archive, background information on lesser known or newly introduced sustainable building products, including feedback from other consumers and details of previous projects that may have used the products.
Perhaps best of all, assess the availability and costs of a range of similar sustainable building products from different manufacturers or suppliers to ensure that the price you pay is fair and that you are getting the best delivery schedules.

The benefits of an online database
GreenPro is available for you to use 24 hours a day. Our updating of the data in GreenPro is done without disrupting your ability to access and use it at any time.

All of the pages in GreenPro are generated dynamically from a backend database. Links to product manufacturers and dealers that have an online presence are instant, taking you directly to their website where you can request further information or place your orders. However, some of the product dealers that we include are small companies that have not yet established a web presence, so, for every supplier listed we include their full contact information, and where possible, background information about the company. Yes, you can still pick up the phone and talk to any of them.

How do we source Greener Construction products?

"We know from intuition what new and exciting products are coming onto the market long before they are actually launched," says Keith Hall, founder of The Green Building Press. We are also targeting a niche area of the industry unlike other directories such as the 'Barbour Index' or 'Specify It'. The RIBA also produce a product directory called 'Product Selector Plus' but that too suffers from overkill when too many products are listed that have little relevance to the actual search request.

Over many years we have refined our criteria for selecting which construction products to list in GreenPro. Our experience of reporting on environmental concerns in our other publications has taught us what to look for and we monitor many national and international publications regarding construction products and construction methodology. We also tap into consumer campaigns (environmental, health and workplace) and we have a running dialogue with a wide range of social interest groups to identify where issues are arising. This helps us to spot upcoming product changes, gaps in the market, changes in trends and new product introductions.


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