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The Green Building Bible Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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Built upon 30 years of experience, this fabulous new medium will feature inspiring and in-depth articles on eco-building projects from across the spectrum and from all over the UK, most of which are written by the very people that designed or built them. Perfect for architects, builders, developers, self builders and anyone interested in keeping right up-to-date with green building trends and friends.

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Knowledge Base
Free Waste Directory for UK Businesses  Rate it
Free Waste Directory for UK Businesses The online Waste Directory developed by has been expanded to help small and medium businesses comply with waste disposal laws in the UK. The free directory now includes additional licensed sites, showing businesses their nearest facilities to recycle or dispose of their waste. read more...

Timber Treatment  Rate it
Q. I am looking for a safe alternative to Tanalised timber treatment... read more...

Wool Insulation  Rate it
Q. I am looking into using unwashed sheeps wool to insulate the loft of my new cob house. I have a source of clean wool treated with a pyrethriod dip which should stop insect attack. Also the natural lanolin in the wool should keep it dry. It looks like a larger version of the Rockwool used for blowing and is very resilient. When crushed and released it springs back to its original size. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience. read more...

How To Wind Your Meter Backwards (Legally!)  4.00
Now anyone in the UK with solar PV panels can be paid the same price for surplus electricity they export to the national grid during daylight hours they pay for any conventional electricity imported at night ... read more...

How environmentally friendly is PVC?  Rate it
Q I'm getting mixed feedback about whether PVC is a suitable material to use in an eco-home. For instance, I thought vinyl was PVC but the Building Research Establishment have vinyl flooring down as a top choice for green buildings. However to use PVC as flooring actually covers a very large surface area. If it is as toxic as groups such as Greenpeace suggest then why is it credited by such an organisation as the BRE? ... read more...

Concrete is very versatile, but!  Rate it
Q. What is the most eco Concrete/cement. How environmentally friendly is cement and where do most supplies come from? Also is there a practical limit to the raw materials. read more...
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