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How can we avoid overheating? -"Everybody loves the summer time", as Carole King once sang: - everybody except those who are separated from their sweethearts - and those sweltering in stifling buildings where they just can't get cool. At its worst, overheating can be a serious - even fatal - health issue, with the very elderly, babies and small children most vulnerable, and heart attack, stroke, and sudden infant death all possible consequences. However, much more commonly it is a discomfort issue, which can affect the usability of buildings, and/or drive people to deploy energy-consuming measures such as artificial cooling. Kate de Selincourt reports...

Hazel Hill nature Sanctuary - Hazel Hill is a 70-acre wood near Salisbury, which aims for an unusual combination of conservation, productive forestry and education. Whilst the educational groups have diverse themes, an underlying goal of the project is to give visitors an experience of low-impact living. Alan Heeks and Simon Wyre outline the achievements of the project to date...

The 18th international Passivhaus conference 2014 - Aachen -This year’s International Passivhaus conference took place in the spa town of Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Located on the border of the Netherlands and Brussels, this historic city was the birthplace of the Modernist architect, Mies van der Rohe, and first came to notoriety under Charlemagne during the late 8th Century. Mark Siddall reports...

The water footprint of buildings and why it doesn't matter - In these days of endless metrics of building performance, Dr Judith Thornton discusses why the water footprint of your building is one thing you probably don't need to concern yourself with, at least for now.

Problems in residential design for ventilation and noise - part 2 - Part 1 of this article described the design drivers and regulatory regime for noise and ventilation in dwellings through the Planning system and Building Regulations. This part of the article discusses noise aspects of mechanical ventilation systems in dwellings. Noise from mechanical ventilation systems is not currently regulated in the UK although general limits for internal ambient noise levels are described in the World Health Organisations Guidelines for Community Noise (GCN). Jack Harvie-Clark and Mark Siddall report...

AECB Local Groups: - The AECB has a network of local groups across the UK. These provide a great opportunity to meet with fellow AECB members. For more details of dates and venues visit the AECB website ( or contact The following reports from local group events give a flavour of some of the activities you could get involved with. Members are keen to share their knowledge and expertise on different aspects of sustainable building.

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