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Amber Rudd throws a bone to the renewables heat sector!  Rate it
Green building Heating Seven major renewable energy trade associations, on the 17th November 2015 signed a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change publicly supporting comments she made in a recent select committee meeting. read more...

Green Register Celebrated 15th anniversary at Bristol Aquarium  Rate it
The Green Register The Green Register turned 15 last month, and kicked off celebrations with an exciting event at Bristol Aquarium on Thursday 22 October. read more...

World's largest building retrofitted to EnerPHit Standard now certified  Rate it
Innsbruck University EnerPhit During an extensive rennovation of the Faculty of Technical Sciences building of Innsbruck University, it was decided that it was time to vastly improve its energy efficiency. With moderate additional expenditure and in close cooperation with the Passive House Institute, the designers developed an overall concept which turned the eight-storey building into an exemplary project – it is now currently the world’s largest building to be certified to the Passive House Institute EnerPHit Standard. read more...

Conservative MP calls for re-think on government plan to slash Feed in Tariffs  Rate it
Conservative MP calls for re-think on government plan to slash Feed in Tariffs Conservative MP David Warburton has called for a re-think on controversial Government plans to slash the ‘feed-in tariff’, warning that the proposed cuts to subsidies are “draconian” and likely to be more than the solar industry can bear. read more...

Consumers want tighter EU rules to tackle illegal timber  Rate it
Consumers want tighter EU rules to tackle illegal timber In a poll carried out by WWF, 76 per cent of UK consumers want better laws that ensure the legality of wood products on the market in the UK and across Europe, a new survey finds. Major timber-related businesses from the UK and other EU countries, from producers to retailers, have also signed a new statement to the European Commission calling for the EU to tighten the current rules on illegal timber use. read more...

Widespread layoffs follow squashing of Green Deal  Rate it
Widespread layoffs follow squashing of Green Deal Construction and refurbishment businesses across the UK are reeling after Green deal got trashed by the UK government. Mr Paul Greaves, the managing director of Firstcall Home Assist and Firstcall Trade services said: 'Many companies have done exactly what the Government had asked and invested thousands of pounds training and developing new and existing staff, in what was thought to be the 'biggest retrofit since the Second World War', only then to see them back out and pull the funding with devastating effect.' read more...

First Passivhaus Youth Hostel gets underway  Rate it
First Passivhaus Youth Hostel gets underway Work is about to start on the UK's first ever Passivhaus Bunk House, designed and managed by Potter & Holmes Architects. As well as being first, the Passivhaus Certified project will also be the largest building in Gloucestershire with this certification. When completed in Spring 2016, the new bedrooms will play host to parties of school children as well as providing accommodation for those attending courses and workshops run by the building owner, New Brewery Arts. read more...

WWF-UKs forest campaign attracts influential support  Rate it
WWF-UK’s Forest Campaign An influential and long established organisation which represents much of the timber trade in the UK has officially signed up to support WWF-UK’s Forest Campaign, allowing the campaign’s sustainability message to reach much of the UK’s timber industry. read more...
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