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The Woodland House

The Woodland House
The Woodland House
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In 2003 Ben Law captivated the nation by building his woodland house on Channel 4?s Grand Designs programme ? so popular was the show that it was repeated in 2004. The presenter, Kevin McCloud, said that Ben was a born designer and that his was the most watched (over 5 million viewers) and popular programme of the original series. Kevin loved the project so much that he has written the foreword to this book! A Grand Designs Revisited programme is planned to air soon after the book launch.

Full of stunning colour photographs, this is a visual guide to how Ben built his outstandingly beautiful home in the woods. It is also a practical manual and the story of a man realising a lifetime?s dream to build one of the most sustainable and beautiful homes in Britain.

The Woodland House gives details of the evolving design process, the identifying of materials, costings, project management and the actual building. It proves that low cost, low impact and high aesthetics can go hand in hand and that it is possible to build green and to build affordably.

The book will appeal to all fans of the Grand Designs series. As the pre-eminent UK example of building with wood and renewable materials this will also appeal to the growing number of people with environmental and green interests as well as to the building community.

ISBN 1-85623-031-7


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Pretty good
I am sure that many of you will have seen Ben Law's house featured on Channel 4s Grand Designs programme, first shown in 2003 and repeated in 2004 (and probably every year since! This is a truly low-impact and beautiful building sited within the woodland from which most of the building timbers came from.

The chestnut timber-framed woodland house (featured in detail in Building for a Future magazine, Vol 13, No 4, Spring 2004) is in-filled with local straw bales and plastered using clay from the site and locally sourced lime. The roof is of chestnut shingles, the weatherboard of local, hand-milled oak and the window frames from hand-planed ash.

The whole structure cost just 28,000 as it was built by Ben Law himself and the help of volunteers and used no crane, no waste, no skips and no mains electricity. Power comes from the sun and wind; heat from wood and solar panels, water from a local spring and rainwater. Greywater is purified using reedbeds and the compost toilet feeds the fruit trees in the orchard. For those of you that saw this inspirational programme, and for those that did not, here is the book that describes the building of the house in detail.

The book provides information on the design process, materials used, costings, project management and the building techniques used. Some superb photos of the building process and finished house accompany the text.
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