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College builds bespoke eco house
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A bespoke 'eco-house' has been created by Weston College to train the next generation of construction workers in sustainable building techniques.
College builds bespoke eco house

The Sustainability Centre, at the College's South West Skills Campus in Locking Road, Weston-super-Mare, was begun in January this year and the envelope of the building finished by April. Internally, it was completed by June.

The house, which features a domestic area as well as classrooms, has been constructed around an oak frame and has solar panels on the roof plus a rainwater harvesting system for flushing toilets.

Students at the College's Construction and Engineering Centre of Excellence (CECE) will now be able to use the house to study sustainable buildings and practice techniques. The Sustainability Centre has also been used to host meetings and events, including a Trades Union Congress (TUC) organised conference and a Herons' Moor School governors' meeting, as one of its classrooms has a removable wall to facilitate extra space.

Bernard Doyle, from contract administrators View Architects, said the building provided an opportunity for students to gain an understanding and interest in the renewables industry.

He added: "The building is designed to be as sustainable as possible, and is consistent with what is typically found in the industry, with very low air leakage. It has a number of photo-voltaic panels in the roof and 'grey water' recycling, which stores rainwater to flush the toilets etc. It also has low energy lights. There is also a 'house within a house' to demonstrate renewable energy as it affects people's living environments."

Linda Burlison, Weston College Assistant Principal (Systems and Resources), said: "This is a hi-tech space which will prove an extremely valuable resource for our CECE students looking at the installation of renewable technology and maintenance of sustainable buildings."

Credits:: YouPRWeston - Bristol Post

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