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Bill Dunster architects work from the now famous BedZED Centre near London. The practice was set up in 1999 and has specialised in designing 'carbon neutral' architecture and associated lifestyle developments. The company has ongoing research and development of sustainable building technologies.

Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT is Europe's leading eco-centre, and the web site offers an introduction to almost any aspect of sustainable living. It contains information on renewable energy, environmental building, energy efficiency, organic growing and alternative sewage systems, and you can ask a question through our free information service. You can also browse our range of practical and informative publications and find out about our educational services for schools, consultancy for individuals and businesses, and residential courses for adults. The CAT membership scheme includes subscription to 'Clean Slate': A quarterly magazine that gives you the good news - full of developments in the field of sustainable technology and renewable energy alongside positive, practical things people have done and that you can do too.

Second Nature

Second Nature introduced the UK to sheep's wool insulation made from wool from UK sheep. Prior to this company's pioneering work anyone wishing to buy sheep insulation were having to buy a product made in New Zealand which somewhat lowered the environment benefits of the product. Second Nature has won many accolades for their work including a recent Queen's Award for Enterprise.

The Green Building Store

The Green Building Store was founded by three builders that had a vision of a better way to build but were disappointed with the poor quality and hazardous nature of many building products that they were having to use. They developed a few of their own like 'Ecoplus' windows and doors and then decided to market them along with an ever expanding range of goods under the Green Building Store brand name. The company is presently developing an offshoot called 'Less is more' which will cater for the professional construction market.

Foundation Firewood

FBC are the UK distributors for Baxi domestic log and wood pellet/wood chip boilers, Acaso wood boiler controls, and the Bilke firewood processor.

Sherwood Energy Village

Sherwood Energy Village is a major initiative for the East Midlands that has transformed a 91-acre former colliery in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. The Sherwood Energy Village site incorporates a unique concept in sustainable development, having an emphasis on environmental, economic and social best practice through the promotion of energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings in a pleasantly landscaped setting. All buildings on site are required to meet high environmental and energy efficient standards. This means that running costs are significantly reduced, and employees will benefit from a healthier working environment.


BioRegional are a UK environmental organisation, bringing local sustainability into the mainstream. Their website provides a background to the group's approach to sustainable development. It also details news and information on their companies and projects and shows how people can get involved in them.

Rainharvesting Systems

Rainharvesting Systems website is the a good stating point for harvesting for the UK. A comprehensive site offering valuable information on the principles and practice of rainwater collection and re-use. The site also has guidance on design and details of various products, much of which can be downloaded in pdf format.

Walter Segal Self Build Trust

The WSSBT is a UK trust which helps people to build their own homes and community buildings. Their services are available to everyone, especially those in housing need or on low incomes, including local authorities, housing associations and any other body interested in building. We provide advice, information, training, support and a range of other services for the selfbuilder.

Forever Green Ecological Architects

Robin Hillier is a director of Forever Green Projects Ltd. He is an architect with extensive experience of specifying environmentally friendly building materials and processes, and of working with community self build groups. Full CV available on request. He is also a development worker at the Walter Segal Self Build Trust, and carries out promotional and training work for the Trust. Hedgehog Self Build, Brighton UK.

Scottish Ecological Design Association SEDA

The Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA) is Scotland's premier voluntary body for promoting the sensitive design of communities, buildings, products, and processes to improve humanity's interrelationship with the earth's ecology. SEDA has a lively programme of open events, projects and a student travel award, as well as a regular magazine and web-bulletin available to all members. The SEDA web page ( provides a user-friendly introduction to the activities of the Association."


A trade organisation that brings together professions from right across the construction industry to form the largest single green construction trade body. If you are looking for a builder or architect for your project then look no further than the Association for Environment Conscious Building.


The Green Shop has been selling eco-friendly products for almost 20 years. In addition to one of the widest ranges of everyday green products available in the UK. They green building products including natural paints, SunPipes, insulation and solar power systems. Green Shop Paints offers the a wide range of natural paints and finishes for interior and exterior use. They sell all major eco-paint brands like Auro and Osmo and specialist Lime Earth Paints, Claypaint and Linseed Oil Paint. They can offer a quality finish for most applications. Green Shop Solar is the exclusive UK supplier of Consolar thermal stores imported directly from the manufacturer in Germany.

Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes promotes awareness of sustainable development issues and good practice, and encourages housing associations to adopt sustainable and environmental policies and practices. Through websites, training and research, a wealth of information is provided. Recent projects include 'Green Choices and Voices'- a guide to what residents think of environmental housing - and 'Green Street' - a free online toolkit for sustainable refurbishment. Sustainable Homes also coordinates all of the sustainability projects funded by the Housing Corporation's Innovation and Good Practice (IGP) programme.

Old House Store

Old House Store is a specialist builders Merchant selling traditional and ecological building and decorating materials.  With over 200 product lines on offer, with expert advice, they are your first choice for anything ‘green’.  Their most popular ranges include lime mortars and plasters, window and door ironmongery hand-forged by their own blacksmiths, natural insulations, clay products and ecological paints.  They offer a free catalogue and mail order all over the world.

The Greenhouse Trust

With the determination and hard work of a small number of staff, and literally hundreds of volunteers over the last ten years, the Trust has succeeded in transforming a semi-derilict building in the centre of Norwich into an exemplary eco-building.  Home to a cafe, shop, meeting rooms and offices, the Greenhouse provides resources for people to take practical environmental action at a local level.  The Greenhouse is now amongst the best designed and equipped Environment Centres in the UK.  We may be small, but, to use a cliche, we are very beautiful!

Hockerton Housing Project

The Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is an innovative residential sustainable development in the village of Hockerton near Southwell, Nottinghamshire. The architects were Professor Brenda Vale and Dr Robert Vale, whose own ground-breaking home in Southwell provided much of the inspiration and know-how for this project. It was completed in September 1998 after three years of planning and 18 months of construction. They have been designed as one of the first zero energy residential systems in the UK reducing life cycle energy to a minimum and are amongst the most energy efficient, purpose built dwellings in Europe. Maximum use of benign, organic and recycled materials has been made in the construction and the development is designed to be, to a large extent, self-sufficient. The houses are earth covered and have passive solar heating without a space heating system. A wind turbine and photovoltaic system provide all of the energy required to run the homes. The water and sewage system is self-contained. The Project runs frequent tours, workshops and offers consultancy services.

Mark Kingsley Architects

Mark Kingsley Architects are at the forefront of producing environmentally conscious, innovative and contemporary architecture. We specialize in taking a holistic approach to designing high quality energy efficient buildings for demanding clients. Mark Kingsley is a qualified architect with a trade background who has been involved in a number of prestigious award winning projects. He is about to complete an MSc in Energy Efficient Building at Oxford Brookes University, is a member of the Association for Environment Conscious Building and a consultant in access and energy efficient building. Mark Kingsley Architects are supported by a competent and reliable network of fellow professionals and specialist consultants whose complimentary skills support the success of each project.’

J & J Sharpe

J & J Sharpe began trading in 1986 to repair, refurbish and make sympathetic alterations to old buildings. Their sphere of work covers the repair of traditional buildings from small cob cottages to stately homes and the conservation of ornamental plaster work. They are the longest established producers of lime products in Devon. The company manufactures lime putty, mortar, plaster and washes as well as clay daub. They also supply cob blocks, oak laths, stainless steel fixings and hydraulic limes from their yard near Okehampton, Devon.
At the present time The company is engaged in constructing a new-build cob house incorporating an earthen floor. They experiment with earth plasters.

The Green Register

The Green Register is an independent organisation that offers high quality training and events in the field of sustainable construction, a forum for networking amongst like-minded construction professionals and a directory of members committed to sustainable building practices. Please see our website


Freerain are designers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting systems,for both domestic and commercial applications.


Navitron Ltd is based on the welsh border, and provides affordable renewable energy solutions. Navitron is a European importer for high quality evacuated tube solar water heaters, wind turbines, water turbines, heat pumps, backup petrol and diesel power generators and autogas conversion equipment. Navitron supplies DIY systems with full installation instructions as well as supplying a network of professional installers. Training courses are available, and Export enquiries are welcomed, and we already supply customers in European countries.

Clear Water Revival

Clear Water Revival is about the renaissance of water gardens, swimming in natural waters and the restoration of aquatic habitats in England. They wish to harness the aesthetic beauty, wildlife, recreational and educational value of water in all their creations.
As ecological engineers, sustainability consultants and landscape designers, focusing on working with nature and natural processes, they offer Natural Swimming Pools, lake and pond services, reedbed treatment systems and the installation of renewable energy systems for pool heating and household requirements.

Green Moves

Green Moves is a website dedicated to advertising homes for sale that are more energy efficient than conventional homes. These homes could also be called environmentally friendly homes or green homes.
Green Moves is an ethical business initiative that has the support of two environmental charities: the Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development and the WWF (One Million Sustainable Homes Campaign). Green Moves also reinvests some of its income in tree planting to help offset the carbon emissions from housing. You can read more about this.

The HousePlanner

An extensive online resource for self builders, with a huge library of construction and sustainability links for anyone involved in building or renovating their own house. Covers everything from finding an architect to sourcing green materials to installing renewable energy systems on domestic building projects.


Growing is a London-based natural building company, specialised in cob but also using different natural and re-used/reclaimed materials. Our aim is to bring natural, sustainable and energy-efficient building into the city environment, with the lowest impact possible on the environment, involving the future users and the local community in the building process. We also offer hands-on training on natural building.


Eco Arc is an award winning chartered architects practice and environmental design consultancy committed to sustainable design. Established twenty years ago we promote a holistic approach to ecological carbon neutral design. Our building designs typically generate their own ‘clean’ renewable energy, harvest their own water and recycle waste materials causing no pollution or CO2 emissions. We strive to design beautiful and healthy buildings built to the highest possible ecological standards, which are cost effective and fit sensitively into their surroundings, whilst fully responding to the needs and aspirations of each client.

Natural Building Technologies

Natural Building Technologies – distributors of high performance, ecological building systems in the UK. Brands include ThermoPlan Ziegel clay blocks, Pavatex woodfibre insulation, Baumit’s range of lime and mineral renders, plasters and mortars, as well as NBT Paint and Hemp insulations.

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