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Self sufficient in electricity
Self sufficient in electricity
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Independence from outside influences is an age-old desire of man. It certainly is in me and I think perhaps in all men. What better way to prove our worth than by taking, or trying to take, full control of our own destiny - to be self-sufficient. “Me build fire”, Stone-Age man would have gleefully announced to his wife. Well, this story is a contemporary take on that simple statement. Naivety at its best, many might argue, “but I’m not so sure” says Keith Hall.

This is a four page article. First published in June 2010

Many GB mag readers will already know that since my family and I moved to Wales in the mid nineties we have endeavoured to become self-sufficient in almost everything. However, my particular priority is electricity. We did the easy one first of course - heating - (timber from existing and new woodlands). However, before I continue, I want to point out that I hope that what follows does not sound preachy or condescending because it is certainly not my intention. I really want to share what I believe have been interesting, thought provoking lessons and experiences, some of which may help others if they so wish to tread a similar path. It has been a long and arduous task littered with lots of dead-ends and frustration but it is a...

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