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Bovine TB

A site that is looking for reform of the current UK policy to eradicate bovine TB.

Energy North East

Regional portal with information, resources and links relating to the energy sector in North East England

Green Building Ezine

The coolest ecobuilding portal - ever

Little Earth Directory

Supporting small businesses and a sustainable lifestyle, from eco-holidays to ethical finance

Oscar the badger

Oscar the badger is on a mission. to help save badgers in Britain. With his friend and author, Sam Swift, he will bring a friendly approach to the subject of badgers and wildlife in general.

The Friendly House

Artcles, regarding ecologically sound houses, sustainable energy, and self sufficiency. The science & technology involved, plus any thoughts, developments, new products or services

The Greenhouse Trust

Provides resources for people to take practical environmental action at a local level

Towards Sustainability

Sustainable lifestyle portal


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