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Big Green Switch

Simple, everyday tips and advice on energy saving, reducing and reusing waste, recycling, greener transport options and much more.

Bokashi Bucket and Bran - Compost Your Kitchen Waste - No Smells - No Flies - No Fuss

Bovine TB

UK wildlife is under threat. Please join the campaign to force a reform of the current Bovine TB policy in Wales.

Eco-office supplies Ltd

Everyday office supplies that quite literally don't cost the earth!

EcoDIY home conversion

DIY conversion of existing property to recycled water, low energy use & generation, organic vegetables, chickens, bees. Towards urban self-reliance.


online supplier of the latest eco products designed to help you live a greener lifestyle.

Ecopaints - Promoting Healthier Environments

Natural Paint - Organic Paint - Green Paint - Eco Paint

EnviroVent Ltd

EnviroVent is Britain's leading manufacturer of low energy, sustainable domestic ventilation products.


Sustainable Living

Greener Living

The friendly eco-shop for online purchasing. Our carefully selected product range enables you to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle


Will create or edit your "green" website at no or low cost, and/or provide GreenLinks to help you green up your life.

Help Yourself to Health

Self-Help Resource for Chronic Illness related to Environmental Toxins

Interflush - W.C Water Saving Device

The Interflush by Varyflush, the low cost, user friendly and easy to install W.C water saving device.

Make your home Eco Friendly

Making your home environmentally friendly and reduce your Ecological footprint. Information on Solar Power, Waste Water, Recycling and more.

melissa taylor

Shipping Container house manufacturer.

Natural Swimming Pools and swimming ponds

Clear Water Revival specialises in designing and building natural swimming pools, as well as offering survey, design and installation services for all water conservation and energy requirements in your home

Peace on Earth Ltd

What if, for 24 hours, no guns are fired anywhere on earth, including on television?

Self Sufficient Living

A practical guide to increasing the self sufficiency of any home in any environment

Stop for Breath

Simply Soap Nuts. The chemical free alternative to conventional laundry detergent.

The Big Green Switch

A website packed with simple, everyday tips on energy saving, reducing waste, recycling, greener transport options and much more.

Waste Collection Online Shop allows you to navigate to all products on the website.

Wormcity Wormeries

WormCity Everything you need to start home composting - with our complete wormeries including the worms

Your Planet Needs You

A Handbook for Creating the World that We Want


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