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Bristol Green House

A project with volunteering opportunities to build a back yard workshop from tyres, straw bales and other low energy methods.

Carbon Neutral Building

Carbon Neutral Building can help you realise the concepts needed to reduce you carbon footprint and offset the carbon dioxide emissions from your prceedures

Earthships - Scotland

An organisation promoting earthship building in Scotland

Eco build on a budget

This is just our blog on building our timber frame extension. Don't mind if you don't link to us but we really want to link to you as we cite the mag as source for much information on the site. Thanks

Green Building

UK based with a wide range of green building products.

sustainable homes for humans

InsulateD Concrete Formwork

We manufacture a range of insulated concrete formwork systems and are uk and ireland market leader

Strawbale Building Company UK

Building and promoting strawbale building

Sustaining Towers

Design guidance on the refurbishing of highrise buildings

The Brookwood Barn Company

Traditional Construction Oak Framed Buildings

UK Timber Frame Houses

New World Timber Frame manufacture quality timber frame solutions for commercial and residential developments.


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