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Last updated: 13 Nov 2008, 1:15 PM

Last updated: 19 Aug 2010, 2:18 PM
This is where we will post general information about the website or advice on how to use the forum. Read the advice in this category before you start posting messages please.

Last updated: 21 Jun 2010, 6:36 PM
This is a very touchy subject area. Guys are in love with their big cars and are loathe to give them up. We all hanker after exotic holidays in the sun especially with the sort of dull summers we are experiencing. Annoy or enlighten each other on this thread with your bright ideas for using less burdensome forms of transport for recreation, work or holidays.

Last updated: 19 Aug 2010, 1:04 PM
Energy and lifestyle. the areas of our lives that are probably creating the largest burden on the environment. Share ides here regarding how you keep your homes energy consumption in check or any bright ideas you have had for saving or generating energy for free.

Last updated: 19 Aug 2010, 12:58 PM
Here we can discuss everything outdoor related, from growing your own foods to walking in the countryside, planning or development issues and low impact settlements.

Last updated: 13 Aug 2010, 4:41 PM
We all need to work but in a greener society will we need to work such long hours? certainly Green building Press has been finding that being a green business has some hamstrings that make competing with ordinary business trying to say the least. For instance, our renewables only policy sometimes hampers our publication time schedules if the sun does not shine or the wind refuses to blow. Tell us how your business is coping with the changing workscape.

Last updated: 17 Aug 2010, 10:25 AM
Discuss your favourite green titles, websites or study courses, be they green selfbuild, hedgelaying or just get togethers. People in Transition town areas might like to keep us posted on how things are going or permaculturalists can tell us how we need to live somewhere for over a year before making any changes.

Last updated: 17 Aug 2010, 1:43 AM
In this section, users are invited to discuss aspects of the environment or society that impact upon our health or well-being. For instance; obesity, chemicals in the environment, our foods or our buildings.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2010, 8:11 AM
Here we can discuss the more detailed pros and cons of self sufficient lifestyles. Is it possible or even a good-green idea to be self sufficient?

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