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plant room ideas
 Started by  technicalm
 8 Aug 2010, 10:02 AM

Hi there.
I need to add a plant room to the end of my house. Our heating system is being upgraded.
The old gas boiler is going (it doesnt owe us anything, bless it).
Anyway, I'm looking for cost effective build/structure with about a 2 sq m space inside.
It'll house my thermal store, heating zone controls, pumps, hot water heat exchanger, solar pump station etc etc (we are going 100% green - no gas!) with the Eco Air Source heat pump next to it on a slab.
Any thoughts on the building?

try not wo waste the heat losses from it in winter as they will be high, I would have it in the house if it were mine.
If you are really serious, then insulation is vital, with triple glaxed windown or the new super double glazed. Even the roof must be super efficient, the poly... roof sheeting is now available with the efficency of triple windows. I did the same here in Sweden, and was able to keep all sorts of plants during the very coldest winters, but as I live in the high latitudes, flowering plants were not good, whereas the leaf type plants were very successful

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