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Energy Assessments Help
 Started by  mat23
 3 Aug 2010, 4:43 PM

Can anyone help?!
I have been completing a distance learning MSc for the past couple of years and have now reached that dissertation time. However, it is supposed to be on something I do at work but after being made redundant this was pretty tough so I chose CO2 modelling/energy assesment as I thought I would be able to find lots of research material on the net. I think now I am going to try and concentrate on the difference in the pre-construction assessments and actual results. Does anyone have any ideas, pointers or examples of why the actual results differ from the predicted?
Any help at all would be great.
I'm not sure if this is any help:
The BRE did several researches on the issue as far as I know, though these might not be up-to-date.Check their home pages.
Lifted from the above report:
The results of the present project, together with those of past projects by Ward,
indicate that existing calculation procedures such as BS EN ISO 6946:1997, as
used for regulatory purposes, may often underestimate true heat losses for walls,
in some cases by more than 30%.
I have results coming in ---- <>
thanks v much will check it out

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