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Thin wall construction
 Started by  bexward
 14 Jul 2010, 1:45 PM

Has anybody got any ideas how to build a wall with a brick outer skin, but as thin as possible and yet still comply with building regs for U value? I'm designing an extension, and space is at a premium, so we want to keep the walls as thin as we can, but they will have to have a brick appearance to comply with planning. As far as I can work out, cavity walls are usually 250 - 300mm thick, and I'm wondering if there's any way we can get that down.
Thanks a lot for any help,
If bricks are a must this would be difficult...
What about clinker ( water-proof bricks)as a loadbearing structure and vacuum insulated panels - or other insulants- internally?
Brick slips stuck to aorogel panel?
Bricks take up water, Tony, for example from driving rain.
That's in the nature of bricks, killn fired at around 950 degrees Celsius. And mineralfibre bats ( "aerogel"-bats) will transport this water inwards. Wet internal walls will be the result.
One needs a detailed question to give a more usefull answer, like anticipated final thickness and U-value of the wall as well as planned usage of the to-be-build structure and it's locality.
@the OP: what is your engineer/architect recommending?

150mm stud wall,sheating,barrier,diamond-mesh and brick slips
How thin is thin?
Hi everyone, thanks for all your advice. As regards the anticipated final thickness, I'm after something as thin as possible for two sides of the extension - the other two sides are existing structure namely a retaining wall and the current house wall. The two walls will have a fairly high proportion of glass, as well, and will need to take the relevant proportion of roof load. The U value is whatever the current value required by Building regs. I'm wondering about SIPs, if anybody has any experience of using them?
The extension is to be used as living space, probably a playroom/study.
Plus, at present I'm the architect/engineer! I'm an engineer, of sorts, but don't have this particular experience.
I'll certainly look into brick slips, and aorogel(?). Not something I've come across, but thanks for the tip. I'll also look into waterproof bricks - thanks.
Hi Rebecca,
From my experience you may find it difficult to obtain SIPs for an extension, the manufacturers like new build, extensions raise too many issues for them.
As mentioned previously something along the lines of -
Insulated stud wall, breather membrane, Aquaboard, brick slips, would offer something comparable to SIPs which can be easily assembled by your builder.

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