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Compiling a list : Advice on running a more sustainable company
 Started by  Mike_George
 4 Feb 2009, 9:42 PM

Hi all. My first post here though I use the Green Building Forum a lot. Also posted this there.
I have been asked to give advice to a large distribution company in how they can improve their day to day procedures relating to sustainabilty. I would like to compile a list of things they should/ should not be doing. This to include anything from Do you need to print this e-mail?' to Car sharing policies etc etc etc.
I would like to draw on the experiences of all here in how they [or their employers] tackle this.
Thanks in advance, Mike

Hi MIke
Yeah the car sharing is great - also see if you can team up with public transport companies to get discount or better bus routes, cycle to work scheme is also great.
Our company did a teram building day by planting trees - got PR also.
Make sure computers switch off either after a certain time if they've not been used.
Energy efficient light bulbs
Bins in the middle of the office for recycling as opposed to everyone having there own that aint for recycling - there is heaps of paper !
Hope this helps and good luck

Bicycle champion award each month, switch off lights when not in use or needed, reduce heating and air con, return loads, order rationalisation, doors open all day?, waste separation, share trips to the shops to buy lunch, dont use plastic cups,

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