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Thinking of a wood boiler. Am I mad?
 Started by  simBad
 24 Jan 2009, 7:39 PM

My old oil boiler has just about had it and I'm considering one of these new high efficiency log or pellet boilers. i have access it a source of wood but I would really appreciate some/any feedback from people who are already using them.
Two concerns really:
1. How much wood am I going to need?
2. How controllable are they and should I consider installing one if I am out at work quite a lot?
Obviously my concern stems from the oil crisis of late last year but although things have calmed down a lot wood appeals to me as the right local type choice but would it be a rod for my back?
Shy to publish the British efficiency rating!
There is plenty of bubble on the home pages but no reports stating the fuel efficiency meassured under British standards......
For a very good reason.
82.4 -83% GROSS EFFICIENCY you state. But achieved under what conditions? Evaporating the water in the timber fuel? No. Up to 30% water contained in the timber fuel(allowed according to the manuals!) before the fuel can actually burn costs a lot of energy.Not only that this water has to be evaporated but is has to be blown up the chimney with a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.
Steam power plants would be happy to have such an energy source. And you blow it up.
Such a boiler with such fuel will result in a boiler efficiency of a good 50%, not much more. On full power output that is, the max. stated.
Include a buffer tank, go for a cycling modus and the fuel efficiency of such a heating system will be reduced to less then 50%.
With plenty of air pollution involved.
And an empty pocket of the one who has to pay for the so developed energy.
There is neither an energy-efficiency , nor an enviromental nor a monetarian argument to run such a device.
But sure some reports of in-situ installations are available? I guess not.
Publish life cycle analyses and full financial calculations of heating installations using such a boiler.
This is a public forum, winterbourne. Turning up here and trying to find an ignorant consumer by making false claims(use the British efficiency standard!)will result in resistance of the public.
And trying to fleece the taxpayer is not nice.....
All 5 full test reports have been verified by Hetas the recognised body for all solid fuel appliances in the UK.
If you wish to dispute the gross efficiency readings then be my guest.
This boiler was made for a number of years under license for was badged for Viesmann and sold in the German market. At one stage they were producing 1000 boilers per year for them. Makes you wonder.
I have included the link in my previous posting reference our gross efficiency readings on the Hetas web site so that customers can verify this information.
As stated (and you have not requested) i am prepared if it appeases you to send you a full test report under EN303-5:2000.
Whatever your retort i will leave it in the hands of those reading to decide what to so.
Enjoy the sunshine!!
Wow! I came on here hoping to get some unbiased advice but it seems to have turned into a slanging match.I am also new and nervous about posting having read the above exchanges.
We are at the very start of our project and have established that we want a wood burning stove which will also heat about 18 radiators and hot water. We have a plentyful supply of wood as my husband is a forester and can trade fresh logs for dried if log store can't cope.
We are also installing solar thermal and a mulit coil tank for water heating.
If there is anyone out there who can give me some starting points on suitable manufacturers I'd be grateful.
No offence Heinbloed but I'm only looking for constructive ideas.
Hello Flowe
Maybe you should hop over to the Green Buliding forum (click FORUMS at the top of this page)and do a search on wood stoves, - and probably also log boilers. Heaps of stuff to trawl through if you have the time. Generally very civil, too.

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