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What is Best Book for Installing 12volt Generating Systems?
 Started by  Raz
 4 Aug 2009, 4:35 PM

I, I'm trying to find a really good 'bible' for DIY installation of home generating 12 volt systems (ie PV, Wind Turbine and batteries).
I kind of need one that is written not for electronics experts, but for ordinary folk!
Any one have any ideas?
CAT do one that is specifically written for 12 volt systems. but why restrict yourself to 12 volt. why not install an inverter and use common appliances?
Hi Keith,
Thanks for this - spoke to CAT today. I guess I am after a book that people have tried & tested out - a practical manual and one that uses appropriate technology , not necessarily high tech.
As for inverter - I don't like 220v because a) its dangerous and b)there is too much legislation out there to stop people like me (not an electrician) from doing things (probably a good thing too!!!).
So anyone else come across any good 12 volt bibles?
not much these days powered from 12v
only very small turbines and small off grid solar
and 12volts will require a lot of current ( amps)
most small stuff 24/48vdc
best to fit 240v mains inverter to power you appliances
if you are not electricity trained always consult
a qualified electrication
over 70% of all fires are started by faulty
Here is one for 3rd world electricians:
"rural electrification for households", published by Stiftung Solarenergie, 178 pages, Zurich 2009, ISBN 973-3-033-01926-3
Mainissues are PV modul installation, battery charging, connection to various users, maintenance of simple systems, handling of meassuring tools.
As mentioned above you're far better off using a 24/48 vdc as it has significantly lower losses.
i have 3 homemade wind turbines 1 60 watt solar panel one 1000 watt inverter 10x6 volt heavey dutyBoogie batteries total cost $1000 i have cut the cost of my electricity by halves

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