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Reviews of:    A Royal Visit for Second Nature

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pete 21 Nov 2012, 4:10 AM
Tree Hugger Ewan McLeish
First couple of postings rightly invoke our sympathy & extension of a friendly hand as their homes have been wrecked by a supposedly eco-friendly insulation.

That makes it all the more surprising to come upon McLeish's crass ignorance as expressed in the extract:

"A brilliant product; needs to be widely publicised"


You don't find egotistical nuts like this every day as witnessed, the fact that he's broadcast his crass ignorance
on the wwww.

We would have been far better served by Ewan detailing technical and commercial
advantages leading to a good discussion on the materials pro's and con's E.G. 2005 chemical additions proof harmful or not?


Thermafleece ruined our home 5 Jul 2012, 5:48 PM
Fleeced by Thermafleece
I agree with Angryandhomeless - we face a similar fate with our dream home, now ruined by moths living in every wall and roof filled with this nightmare product.

Pay-offs to previously affeted clients has kept a lid on the issue but now they've got too many claimants to pay us all off (accepting a pay off requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement!).

Angry is right: they have liquidated their original business, moving assets into their new venture - Eden Renewable Innovations Ltd.

BEWARE: BBA certification protects the supplier, not the consumer.
Your insurance (buildings or contents) does not cover pest problems (inc. moth infestation) and their insurance doesn't cover claims because AXA pulled out when they could see how many claims they would pay out in the future.

Install this product at your peril: if it fails to be moth-proof you will have no one to foot the massive bill but yourself


Angryandhomeless 15 Jun 2012, 9:14 PM
An utterly disastrous product
I like many others was duped into believing this was a sustainable product but unlike Dr McLeish I unfortunately DID put it in my home. I am now having to remove it entirely at a cost of over 100K because it is entirely infested with moth. Christine Armstrong has known about this problem since 2004. Her first insurers AXA withdrew insurance at the end of 2004. Far from acting responsibly Christine Armstrong has acted to repress any information about the moth problem. She has recently liquidated Second Nature leaving many people without access to compensation but continues to operate at the same venue with the same directors under another company name: Eden Renewable Innovations Ltd. Stay clear!!!

Dr Ewan McLeish 30 Jan 2011, 4:01 PM
A brilliant product; needs to be widely publicised
We would definitely consider using the product in our next home. The idea of taking a natural, under-utilised product and finding new uses for it is brilliant. It presumably also helps the rural, upland community so it seems like a win-win situation all round!
Show: All Reviews | Only Positive    | Only Negative  
Found: 4
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