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Two Excellent shopping centres A European property company is celebrating a double BREEAM success after achieving top sustainability scores for both a new and an existing shopping centre. The organisation, which owns 82 shopping centres across Europe, was recognised at the Expo Real trade fair in Munich for its commitment to sustainable development. The high sustainability rating of their premises will raise the bar for new and existing international retail construction.

Gavin Dunn, Director of BREEAM at BRE Global, said "Congratulations to Unibail-Rodamco on a great achievement in accomplishing two BREEAM firsts. A first Excellent for a new shopping centre, and the first certification under the new In-Use International for an existing shopping centre. These projects demonstrate the company's commitment to driving sustainability across their portfolio, addressing both new and existing buildings”.

So Ouest - First Europe Excellent certification for a new shopping centre

So Ouest is the first European shopping centre to be certified Excellent under the BREEAM Europe: Retail 2009 scheme. The major refurbishment and extension of the 48,500m2 shopping centre in the Parisian suburb of Levallois-Perret, achieved a final score of 78%. Key features of the development include:

• 100% green leases with tenants to ensure sustainability performance is upheld.
• A full dynamic thermal study (including tenants' areas) helping to reduce energy consumption to 36% less than the required national standards.
• Connection to local urban heating and cooling network.
• 10,000m2 new planted areas and 10.000m2 of green roof to recreate wildlife habitat and encourage biodiversity.
• Specialist lighting study to increase comfort for visitors and tenants.

François Cantin, Group Sustainability Director said “So Ouest drives the market towards the best level of sustainability achievements for retail in Europe, maximising comfort and wellbeing for visitors and minimising the overall carbon impact of the asset. It is the first shopping centre in Europe to achieve this remarkable performance, which confirms the commitment of the Group’s development teams and sustainability culture within the company."

Charlotte Miriel, Innovative Projects Director for assessors GreenAffair, said “BREEAM certification was deeply embedded at each phase of the project, from design to commissioning. For us, So Ouest is the new environmental European standard for a shopping centre.”

Cité Europe - First certification under the BREEAM In-Use International 2013 for a shopping centre

Cité Europe in Calais is the first mall in Europe to achieve certification under the new scheme (68,200m2 GLA). It achieved high scores under the Asset and Management parts of In-Use, with a particularly notable achievement of an Outstanding rating in the Management category. Key features include:

• 25% reduction in energy use from 2006-2012.
• Green leases and an on-site sustainability committee for tenants.
• Daily environmental action plan.
• 26% of waste recycled, 3% composted and 71% sent for energy recovery.

Christophe Garot, Group Head of Environmental Sustainability at the property company, said " In-Use is not seen as an additional cost or bureaucratic constraint, it is part of our culture and management to improve the performance of our asset on a daily basis. The BREEAM approach allows us to integrate and stimulate our tenants and maintenance suppliers to be sure that each technical device (lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling etc.) will be properly maintained and operated 365 days per year.”

Stefaan Martel of BOPRO, who were the In-Use Auditor for the project, said “Cité Europe’s outstanding rating is the result of an efficient partnership which leads to ongoing performance improvement of their portfolio of shopping centres and office buildings.”

In total, 21 of the company's shopping centres across Europe are now In-Use certified in line with the group’s ambitious target to roll out sustainability certification on the whole managed portfolio.