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'Future of Housing' a new film to watch for free
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The Kickstarter-funded documentary 'The Future of Housing' was launched recently with convivial celebration at the EnerPHit-renovated Mildmay Community Centre in North London, and is now available to watch free on You Tube.
'Future of Housing' a new film to watch for free

The 30-minute program features a variety of houses pressure tested by Paul Jennings, long-standing AECB member and Trustee running Aldas. Paul is the UK’s leading airtightness tester and trainer. Filmed by Mike Coe, who self-built the Cropthorne Autonomous House, probably the most energy efficient Passivhaus built in the UK to date, the documentary discusses how future housing in the UK could be significantly improved by applying the robust quality checks that an airtightness test provides.

The video explores the many questions raised by the prospect of buying a house. Whether it’s your first purchase, you’re relocating, or your family is increasing in size and you need more space. Would a house on a new estate be a good option? How about an old house full of character? And then there’s self-build!

Having recently started a family, Ben Adam-Smith finds himself asking these questions. He wants to upgrade to a larger, more comfortable, healthy home, but he also wants it to be energy-efficient, so that running costs are low and it is kind to the environment. In the documentary, Ben explores the options open to him and speaks to a wide range of experts about houses and house building. In the process, he learns how inadequate much of Britain’s current housing stock is, and discovers that drastic changes are needed to make our homes more resilient, not just for the present day, but also for an increasingly uncertain future. A key element in assessing a building’s performance, and an excellent guide to overall build quality, is its airtightness. Many people understand the importance of insulation in reducing heat loss but few realise the more significant role that airtightness plays. In the documentary, Ben follows air leakage expert Paul Jennings from ALDAS as he tests different buildings to see how they perform and how they could be improved.

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