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What are ROCs? (Renewable Energy Certificates)
Renewable obligation certificates are currently issued to power generation businesses that operate renewable power generation systems. In the not too distant future, many homeowners may join that happy band. Large power producers have to meet minimum quotas of renewable generation and are therefore increasingly hopeful that small generators (homes, offices etc) will help them to meet their commitment. Sounds simple enough? Yet, as Ben Bamber found out, it is anything but ...

A two page article. First published in December 2006

Sustainability in practice
Too many buildings are marketed as eco-friendly at the design stage and receive environmental accolades before their actual performance has been tested says Jonathan Lindh. Apparently a number of projects which have received awards seriously under-perform when it comes to user satisfaction and actual energy use...

A three page article. First published in December 2006

Modernism and utopianism
After visiting two exhibitions in the Summer of 2006, one on modernism and the other on utopianism, Tam Dougan got to pondering the nature of what it is we choose to build and why? Certainly the two movements have much in common - a brave new world where abundance of resources left few barriers to the mind, where conflict and strife were left behind. Sadly both of these dreams seem doomed to failure ...

A four page article. First published in December 2006

Scotland's new timber architecture (part 1)
There is a new, increased interest towards timber in Scotland, home to the highest woodland cover in Britain? Over the next three issues of BFF, Oliver Lowenstein will be looking beyond headline Scottish architectural projects, to uncover the main players in the new Highland architecture ...

A four page article. First published in December 2006

Practical Cob
Cob building specialist business, Abey-Smallcombe (AS), was commissioned by the owners of the Eden Project to build a cob visitor facility in one of the many car parks of the centre to welcome visitors and accommodate up to 100 people. The design was a curved, contemporary building which is user friendly, light and airy, low impact and low maintenance. The low-pitched roof allows it to sit comfortably in the landscape. At all times, great emphasis was laid on the sustainability of the materials and the construction methods. ..

A four page article. First published in December 2006

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