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Wildlife and Buildings
Most of us enjoy seeing birds, on our garden feeders, hopping across the lawn or just flitting between the branches of the trees. But are we aware that many species which once shared our buildings, even ones that were once very common, are declining as a result of current new build and regeneration practices? Here our editor, a former builder, introduces us to this feature which explores some of the problems and how we can help ensure our buildings are suitable for wildlife but still airtight and energy efficient. Includes contributions from for major wildlife protection groups.

A ten page article. First published in June 2009

Heat Pumps - Are They Just Hot Air?
A complaint containing four points, that was made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in 2007regarding misleading information in an advert promoting heat pumps, has been upheld. The advert concerned appeared in a specialist building magazine and stated that “Heating your home with stored solar energy ... Heat pumps are the technology of the future. They heat your house and hot water with stored solar energy from the air, ground or water.

A two page article. First published in April 2009

Making Electricity From The Sun
Jerry Clark and his family have been keen and active environmentalists for many years now. Jerry has been working on a freelance basis for the Green Building Press for the last eight years and this has helped him research many green building products. In 2008, he decided that he should put the electrical consumption of their home on a more ecological footing, so he decided that the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the house was the best option. Here he describes the thinking behind the project and the practical aspects of the installation, along with early monitoring results.

A four page article. First published in April 2009

Green Roofs Change The Skyline
Ecological lessons embedded in the design and building of schools have not, thus far, been much of a design priority either for architects, designers or for the growing bureaucratic culture riding on the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, where - still, all too rarely - buildings are used to impart and underline environmental understanding. Thee emphasis is on technical sustainability; issues to do with, for instance, how the building uses energy or where grey water flows go. Oliver Lowenstein reports.

A four page article. First published in April 2009

Green Facelift (Part 4)
For the past year Green Building magazine has followed an eco-refurbishment, as it happens, of a detached 1960 home near Lewes in East Sussex which has been renamed The Green House. From the outset the client said that he wanted it to be an exemplary eco-refurbishment project that would provide an inspiration to other homeowners throughout the country. Kevin Telfer reports on whether it has achieved its ambitions.

A five page article. First published in April 2009

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