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Quality assured passivhaus buildings (part 2)
In part two of his two part article on quality assured Passivhaus buildings, Mark Siddall, who has a specialism in sustainable building design, explains the certification process in a little more detail. First published in June 2010

A five page article. First published in June 2010

Green Building Physics - an introduction to lighting
The way we use electrical lighting is changing rapidly; first arc lighting, then the incandescent lamp – tomorrow... the LED? In the past we have used all manner of things to provide artificial illumination, and lengthen our day, from firelight to candles. In this first article on lighting, Gavin Harper discusses electrical lighting technologies.

A three page article. First published in June 2010

Changes to Part G Building Regulations
Will the updates to Part G of the Building Regulations result in water efficiency and safer hot water systems in new dwellings as promised by the previous government? In this article Cath Hassell covers the updates that are most relevant to sustainable building.

A four page article. First published in June 2010

Challenging the concept of breathability
The key role insulation has to play in improving energy efficiency to reduce both carbon emissions and our reliance on dwindling fossil fuel supplies is clear. Unsurprisingly, there is now a wide range of different insulation products on the market to meet this rising demand. However, with such variation in the materials available it is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Here, Phil Heath of Kingspan Insulation, challenges the idea of ‘breathability’ ...

A two page article. First published in September 2009

Towering Timber-build
Timber construction reaches for the sky - A tranche of twenty-first century timber hi-rise projects are emerging across Europe, aimed at squaring the compact city hi-density circle with the demands of zero energy housing. Oliver Lowenstein looks at WaughThistleton’s ground-breaking Murray Grove in London, along with further projects in Germany, Norway and Sweden, in the first of this two-part series.

A five page article. First published in June 2009

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