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Sustainability in practice
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Gridshells roll on - Winter 2006
Gridshells roll on - Winter 2006

Sustainability in practice
Sustainability in practice
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Too many buildings are marketed as eco-friendly at the design stage and receive environmental accolades before their actual performance has been tested says Jonathan Lindh. Apparently a number of projects which have received awards seriously under-perform when it comes to user satisfaction and actual energy use...

This is a three page article. First published in December 2006

Some hard evidence for this comes from a series of ‘probe1’ studies, carried out on a variety of buildings, which showed few met the targets the designers had originally set.

By way of setting a good example, my own company, LEDA, recently undertook a post-occupancy analysis of one of our own buildings, an environmental education centre for BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) at Skelton Grange in Leeds. This centre, which won the Leeds Architecture Award for Sustainable Design last year, has been in operation for three years.

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