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PDF version of Heading for Zero - Spring 2007
PDF version of Heading for Zero - Spring 2007
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Are major home builders really going to be building zero carbon houses as standard within the next ten years? The flurry of announcements from different government departments before Christmas on the Code for Sustainable Homes and the future of zero carbon development were perhaps most notable for the way in which they seemed to be almost universally well-received by the industry. Kevin Telfer investigates ....

Zero carbon or zero reality?
The Stern Review in October 2006 stated that if we do not take action right away, the impacts of climate change are likely to lead to huge economic costs later in the century. Later, the Chancellor announced: “All new homes in England will have to be carbon-neutral by 2016”. A longer speech, by Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly, confirmed this1. David Olivier believes that the government is approaching the problem from the wrong angle ...

Excellent standards and beyond
Recent developments for a forward thinking housing association demonstrate that the most cost effective and trouble free measures can significantly reduce environmental impacts within the budget for mainstream housing. Jon Broome reports ...

Standards for green housing - a bluffers guide
In December 2006, the government produced the final version of the Code for Sustainable Homes, calling it a ‘Step-change in sustainable home building practice’. But the Code itself is not posing a radically new idea; green building standards for homes (and other buildings) have been around for a number of years, both nationally and internationally. Nick Gardner reports ...

Pines Calyx
This recently completed ecological conference venue is set in the six acre, ‘Pines Garden’ of St Margaret’s Bay in Kent. Nestled within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near the white cliffs of Dover, the garden was itself reclaimed from disused land in the 1970s. The building’s commercial function as a conference and training centre provides revenues to the owners, a local environmental Trust, to continue their work in preserving and enhancing the local environment and supporting community based initiatives. Alistair Gould reports ...

* Sustainable world city -
* Greening London - supplementary planning guidance
* energy conundrum
* Scotland's new timber architecture part 2
* Modernism and utopianism.
And loads more.

76 pages

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