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October 2007

AECB Carbonlite Training Course 

Eco village calls for shareholders
Lammas Low Impact Initiatives Ltd have applied for Planning Permission to build an eco-village in Pembrokeshire. Now the group are appealing for financial backers to get involved by buying shares in the company. Lammas say 'for the first time ever a planning policy exists to allow people to build low impact houses in the countryside and live off the land in a sustainable way
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Straw bale auction rooms nearing completion
The main structure of the largest straw bale building in the UK is nearing completion near Stansted airport. Pioneers of straw bale building in the UK, Amazonails of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, are now completing the straw bale walls of the 1,100 sq m (11,800 sq ft) auction room and offices... more 
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Company directors in the eco firing line

Directors of companies incorporated in the UK could face action from shareholders in British courts for ongoing damage to the environment or communities in any part of the world under new Companies legislation which takes effect on Monday 1 October according to lawyers at LG, a London-based business law firm.

"This legislation opens the door for directors to be sued in British courts for damage to the environment in any part of the world," said LG's Paul Lester, a partner specialising in corporate law. "This is genuinely ground breaking in that it is no longer going to be enough for directors solely to focus on the bottom line when assessing their company's performance - they will also have to consider what impact the company's activities might have on others and be able to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their corporate and social responsibility as well."

"The new Companies Act pushes the environment higher up the directors' agendas - and will force companies to be able to demonstrate and verify their environmental and social practices around the world," said Colleen Theron, head of LG's environmental practice. "The impact is potentially much greater, as businesses will be forced to carry out internal risk assessments and review all their policies and procedures on the environment and social issues to avoid the risk of lawsuits."

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Smart windows could make air conditioning superfluous
A new technology which greatly reduces the need for air conditioning in buildings and vehicles is about to go into production in Germany. ChromoGenics, developer of electrochromic technology, has secured finance to scale up the manufacture of its patented glass laminate. The ultra-thin plastic foils, which can be applied to... more
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Energy innovators wanted
E.ON, UK integrated electricity and gas company, has joined forces with former Tomorrow's World presenter Philippa Forrester and former Changing Rooms star Oliver Heath to launch E.ON EnergyLab a nationwide talent search to find Britain's next big innovations in energy efficiency. Philippa and Oliver form part of the E.ON... more    back to top

New green guides for housing associations
Two new guides have been launched to help housing associations improve the environmental performance of existing homes and develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy. The guides are available, for free, to all organisations involved in the housing sector. The two new publications, 'EcoHomes XB' and 'A Guide to Developing a... more    back to top

Consternation over Merton Rule
Councillors are pitching one Government minister against another in an attempt to beat off a threat to the city's energy-saving housing programme. They are calling on the Environment Secretary to prevent the housing minister scrapping arrangements through which Milton Keynes and some 150 other councils can order that all new buildings... more  back to top 

EC climate proposals may be weakened
Environmental groups are calling upon the UK government to stand by its recent commitments on renewable energy and to support a framework that will not undermine Europe's progress on clean energy. In a meeting organised by the President of the European Commission Jose Barroso, senior level civil servants and European Commission staff... more   back to top

Organic photovoltaic research launched
Story text ... The Carbon Trust has launched a research and development programme worth at least 5 million that aims to make photovoltaic energy generation radically cheaper. The programme will be developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge and The Technology Partnership (TTP). The project aims to turn PV into a cost effective... more  back to top

Ashden Awards 2008 - entries please !
The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy are seeking entries from inspirational and innovative schemes in the UK that use renewable energy, or reduce energy demand, at a local level. The Awards are looking for schemes that have made significant CO2 savings through the use of renewable energy or energy efficiency measures... more
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