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November 2006

Three Planet Lifestyle Can't Continue
A three-planet lifestyle is damaging the UK's natural ecosystems, according to a report from WWF. The global environmental organisation says ecosystems are degrading at a rate unprecedented in human history and the planet's resources are being used faster than they can be replaced. Between 1970 and 2003, terrestrial species declined by 31 per cent, freshwater ... more
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A Step In The Right Direction...
Defra are encouraging small steps as Every Action Counts in the fight against climate change. Community groups will be the first to take advantage of new action packs and resources as part of a Defra-backed initiative to help people take action on the environment. Environment Secretary David Miliband and his brother, Minister for the Third Sector, Ed Miliband visited Doncaster to launch the new ... more
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Sustainable Communities Awards
The Academy for Sustainable Communities (ASC) has launched the Government’s national awards for sustainable communities. ‘Creating the Future – the ASC Awards for Sustainable Communities’ is the premier national awards scheme for the sustainable communities sector. It succeeds the Deputy Prime Minister’s Award for Sustainable... more    back to top

DTI Tops Up The Renewables Funding
The renewables industry and their many customers can breathe again after recent scare stories that this years grant allocation had already been used up. Enquiries from The Green Building Press met with a simple 'funds for the Low Carbon Buildings Programme will be available for the 3 years the programme will run in reply. That's up to 2008... more



The natural choice for eco designers and builders now in third edition

The new, two volume, third edition of the Green Building Bible, has now been published and are already receiving great plaudits.

These completely revised, updated and greatly extended books (over 700 pages in all) offer comprehensive and up-to-date information on sustainable design and construction.

With these books the reader can delve into the very latest thinking on green building, read about examples of projects and explore the vast array of design possibilities that the concept of sustainable construction now offers. The publisher, Green Building Press, has brought together expert contributors from each branch of the industry to report on their specialist subject to offer guidance and case studies to help us deliver better buildings and social infrastructure.

All building professionals will benefit from the clearly presented information and guidance in Volume 1 covering: fundamentals; trends and direction; commercial property; housing, building systems and styles and the many material choices. Volume 2 concentrates on the technical aspects and more detailed design considerations that low energy buildings require.

Subjects covered in detail in the two volumes include:
• low energy design: site orientation, trends and direction, energy conservation, insulation, airtightness in buildings etc.
• contemporary green building: architectural trends, fundamental issues, eco-minimalism, healthy design strategies, building systems, land use, landscaping etc.
• regulation: politics, planning and building regulations, grants, taxation and a review of the main green building organisations etc.
• renewable energy: micro-generation and community power such as solar, wind, and ground source heat pumps, heating/cooling systems design and control, etc.
• materials: selection, management, insulation, windows doors and structures, waste management etc.

To order your copies now or read more info, go to:

Click here for bulk order rates

Wates Construction Zero Waste Challenge
With the UK’s damaging landfill sites rapidly filling up, Wates Construction has committed to stop sending non-hazardous waste to landfill, promising to do so within five years. In a hard hitting report ‘Target: Zero’, Wates says that UK construction creates three times more waste than all UK households combined and challenges the industry to tackle the issue by viewing waste as an opportunity rather than a cost.

Showcasing individual projects that are successfully reducing waste and drawing on the experience of the waste management sector, the report concludes that the first step to driving real reductions in the UK’s landfilled waste is for large construction companies to commit to a meaningful target for the reduction of non-hazardous waste.

Of the 106 million tonnes of waste it creates every year, the construction industry sends 36 million tonnes to landfill. In standard skips laid end to end this would reach around the equator almost 1.5 times in a two metre high wall or fill the new Wembley Stadium 33 times. With growing awareness that landfill sites emit gases with 23 times the warming power of CO2, are the biggest polluter of UK groundwater and with forecast suggesting that existing sites will be full in as little as six years, the report calls for the industry to properly harness its knowledge and reduce its landfill contribution.
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Campaigners Unimpressed By
Minerals Policy

The Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE)have given a cautious welcome to the Government’s recently published planning policy for minerals. The group fear the new document is not up to the job of conserving minerals, or of conserving the countryside within environmental limits... more   back to top

Online Flood Maps Show Risky Areas
"Don't ignore the risk of flooding in this country", says the Environment Agency. Around 5 million people in the UK are at risk of flooding - now you can find out if you are one of them. By using the Agency's online flood map service, you can find out how to protect yourself and your home, and if flood warnings are available in your... more
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Solar Power For York Bus Shelters
York's bus shelters could be lit by solar power if a new pilot scheme proves successful. City of York Council and partners JCDecaux have installed solar lighting in four bus shelters in the city at the York Designer Outlet, Copmanthorpe, Cornlands Road and at the stop in Fulford Road/Alma Terrace... more  back to top

Trust's Green Headquarters
Wins An Award

Heelis, the National Trust's new green headquarters in Swindon, has won a prize. The building won the British Construction Industry £3m to £50m award. The judges said " this is a building which works well and efficiently. Reviving the classic sawtooth north light factory roof, this new office building fits perfectly in its historic Great... more  back to top 

Association Achieves Excellent With Rural Housing
Hastoe Housing Association has recently completed a new build scheme in Kenton, Devon designed to achieve an EcoHomes excellent rating. The Sunnybank scheme is a rural development consisting of two, 3 bedroom/5 person houses. EcoHomes excellent ratings in rural housing have proven a real challenge for social housing providers... more     back to top




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17 February 2007
Homes for Good - Taunton

The Homes for Good Exhibition is a three day event designed to show people how buildings can be designed, built, refurbished, decorated and furnished in ways that won’t cost the earth. The event includes exhibitions, demonstrations and presentations on all aspects of sustainable building and lifestyles. It provides visitors with the chance to gain inspiration and encouragement ...
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27 February 2007
Ecobuild - London

Ecobuild is the UK’s only event dedicated to sustainable design and construction. It attracts hundreds of suppliers of green building products and services and brings together professionals from all parts of the construction sector. 27th February to 1st March 2007...More info

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