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March 2005

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FSC good, PEFC and CSA bad!
Greenpeace recently welcomed the UK Government’s review of forest certification schemes and urged the public and private sector to clearly specify the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification scheme on contracts to guarantee legal and sustainable timber sourcing.
However, according to a recent report almost all government departments have refused funding for a cross Whitehall unit to advise them on procurement of sustainable timber. A move that was to stem the flow of embarrassing incidents where departments have been accused of buying unsustainably produced or even illegal supplies.
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Government Promises a Greener Future
The Government's new Sustainable Development Strategy, 'Securing the Future', has been welcomed today by the independent advisory body - the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC). The strategy includes 250 commitments to action of one kind or another, and these are summarised in the SDC's Summary Response. Included in the commitments are a revision of the building regulations concerning energy efficiency and an overhaul of planning to improve local environments and promote more sustainable communities... more
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'Land Swap Levy' to Fund Rural Affordable Housing
Alan Whitehead, MP for Southampton West, is calling for a ‘land swap levy’ to fund rural affordable housing. The principle of the ‘land swap levy’ takes an element of ‘hope value’ from the uplift in value gained from a change of land use in rural areas and sets it to work on the development of long term affordable rural housing. It is explained in the latest TCPA Tomorrow Series discussion paper: ‘Putting land to work: the role of a ‘land-swap levy’... more   back to top




Builders Fail to Meet Minimum Building Regulations Standards?
A third of all new homes in England and Wales fail to meet the minimum buillding regulations requirements with, surprisingly, so called 'luxury' homes being the worst offenders(1). This is sad because the ODPM is currently putting a lot of power in the hands of house builders and developers to oversee the new Code for Sustainbility Building. Keith Hall, in his latest editorial for the spring edition of Building for a Future magazine, (due out on March 17th) likens this to "putting the foxes in charge of the chicken coop."

With energy consumption in buildings currently accounting for half of the nations fossil fuel consumption, surely this flagrant disregard of building regulations is inexcusable for what is a fairly easily achievable standard.

Builders have been given far too much freedom over the last few changes to the regulations with trade-offs and dispensations which actually made it harder for the inspectors and the researchers when they came to carry out the study(2). Builders of 22 of the homes surveyed had said they would install 'A' rated boilers when thay applied for planning permission but in reality they actually installed D-Rated models and got away with it!

Though junior ODPM minister, Phil Hope, told parliament in late December that the 'report was cause for concern'. He said that measures were being considered in the current review of the building regulations which included better guidance, dissemination and training, and expansion of the approved competetent persons scheme (2).

1. Small scale study carried out by the Building Research Establishment for the ODPM.

2. Ends Report 360 'Flouting of Building regulations Undermines Energy Efficiency Gains' -January 2005

3. Investigative report into the appointment of the Task Group members for the Code for Sustainable Building - Building for a Future Spring 05 (available from March 18th)

4. Assessment of Energy Efficiency Impact of Building Regulations Compliance:

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Friends of The Earth Query The New 'Green' Manifesto
Government commitment to sustainable development will ultimately be judged by actions not words, say Friends of the Earth. The environmental campaigners have broadly welcomed the government's new sustainable development strategy, announced recently. But the group said that the real test will be seen in specific future decisions and policies, such as this month's budget, and whether government targets, especially those for reductions in carbon dioxide, are met ... more  back to top

Government Pulls The Plug on Solar Schemes
The Government has been accused of going back on its green energy pledges by winding down support for a solar power technology to which Tony Blair himself has given his personal backing. Renewable energy campaigners said grant allocations for solar photovoltaic schemes - which harness sunlight to generate electricity - were being phased out from this summer by the Department of Trade and Industry, even though the government had promised support from 2002 to 2012....more   back to top

Green Dream Site Becomes Bristol's Vale of Tears
The concept was exciting and commendable: a community would take control of a chunk of land at the heart of their urban valley and create an environmentally friendly village where all were welcome. They would build their wooden homes on ecologically sound principles, provide bungalows for the elderly and set up workshop space for local businesses.
Green campaigners praised the boldness of the project and hoped it would be a model for other developments across the country. Five years on, all is not sweetness and light in Ashley Vale, Bristol ... more   back to top

 Environmental Rights will become Law
The government has, at last, ratified the Aarhus Convention, formally known as the UN/ECE Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters.
It gives members of the public the right to know what is happening when environmental decisions are made; the right to be involved in the decision making process; and the right to challenge any decision in the courts in a way which is fair and accessible. Friends of the Earth said these new rights were a major step forward, which would allow the public much greater opportunity to shape the decisions that affect their environment ...more 
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Sustainability in May
England’s leading museum of historic buildings will be looking to the future on Sunday 15 May, when it hosts its fourth annual celebration of sustainability and ‘green’ building technology. The Sustainability Event at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton, near Chichester ... more

Environmental Building Self Build Course
The Walter Segal Self Build Trust are planning a new season of courses around the country, designed for any individual or organisation interested in self build housing or environmental issues.
The course is not too technical and is based on the practical experience more    back to top

Eco-Living Fair
The Eco-Living Fair will be held on the 14th May 2005 from 10am-4pm at the CREATE Centre, Bristol BS1 6XN. Bristol’s alternative Homes and Gardens Show where over 50 stalls will be selling and promoting eco-friendly products for the home and garden...
0117 925 0505
Create Centre

Introduction to Renewable Energy
The dates of the next Introduction to Renewable Energy Weekend Course at the School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, is 18, 19 & 20 March 2005. The course will cover the basic principles of solar electricity, solar water heating, wind energy, micro-hydro, and biomass as well as their applications for homes, businesses and farms... more  back to top

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