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April 2005

BFF and website updates
We have been working hard to keep our website fresh and useful. Below are just a few of the latest additions/alterations.
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Political Parties United in Green Debate

Learn how to Build an Ecohouse

Will Micro Generators Cause Grid Chaos

UK May Miss Kyoto Targets

Energy Rating Scheme for Buildings Delayed

Wood Mileage Scheme for Local Timber

Ecology Building Society Announces Record Lending

'Green Home' Owners Could Pay Up to £600 Less Tax

25 Million Makeovers Would Reach Global Warming Targets

G8 Summit Agrees to Control Illegal Logging

Shropshire Housing Scheme Wins Green Award

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By great demand we have started work on a comprehensive index of back issues of Building for a Future magazine which will work well with the Download Centre. Hopefully we will have it launced by the time the next newsletter comes out.
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Green Building Webring

There are many websites claiming to be about green building and sustanability. The Green Building Webring was created to filter out the greenwash and present to you the best green building websites in the UK.

'Green Home' Owners Could Pay Up to £600 Less Tax
Homeowners will get tax cuts of up to £600 for making their houses "green" and energy efficient, under official plans to combat global warming. People who sell their homes can offer potential buyers a discount of up to 40 per cent off their stamp duty as a reward for making their properties much more energy efficient - so making them easier to sell. If they have no plans to move, homeowners could get a one-off discount on their council tax....
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25 Million Makeovers Would Reach Global Warming Targets
A massive cut in carbon dioxide pollution from British homes can meet government emissions targets if the necessary policies are applied now, says a comprehensive research report by Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. The 40% House report sets-out a far-reaching policy agenda that prescribes cuts in energy and carbon dioxide pollution from existing and future housing. ... more
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G8 Summit Agrees to Control Illegal Logging
An agreement by the G8 group of industrialised countries, who have been meeting in Derby, to control illegal logging of forests by only buying timber from legal sources was hailed as a breakthrough by Hilary Benn, the development secretary. The statement on forestry commits G8 nations to "encourage, adopt or extend public timber procurement policies that favour legal timber", and to assist producer countries to tackle illegal logging through combating corruption and strengthening law enforcement.... more   back to top



New Report Concludes that 22% of Homeowners want Greener Lives!
About a quarter of people in the UK would like to lead 'greener' lives according to as recent report commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust (EST). But is this enough to convince the building industry to pay more attention to energy efficient and healthier - more planet friendly building methods and products?

The report, announced (but not released) on the 4th April by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) reveals that people in the UK are more concerned about climate change than any other social issue and nearly a quarter (22%) of people would like to lead greener lives. The report is said to have examined the opinion and behaviour of consumers across the UK with regard to energy efficiency and climate change. It did reveal though, that over half of consumers plan to spend more on energy efficient products and services over the next 12 months. Over 80 per cent of people would also like to be recommended more energy efficient products and services.

Phillip Sellwood, Chief Executive of EST, said: "People in the UK are becoming more aware of the serious damage their homes and lifestyle cause the environment. The survey results highlight the fact that people want to lead greener lives and are keen to take significant steps forward to make their homes sustainable. There is a requirement for greener sustainable homes, it is therefore integral that the building industry starts building to better environmental standards and meets this demand."

Peabody Trust and other property developers and housing associations have already stepped up to this challenge and incorporated a number of energy efficient measures into their developments, such as solar PV, high efficiency condensing boilers and CHP.

The Energy Saving Trust supports the building industry through the Energy Efficiency Best Practice in Housing programme[1] (EEBPH). The programme provides the tools, training and support to help achieve standards above building regulations, providing an integrated package of measures covering ventilation, fabric measures, heating, lighting and hot water systems.

If every new home in the UK was built to best practice standards rather than the minimum standards of building regulations, over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 each year could be saved and fuel bills reduced by around £12m.

Sellwood concludes: "Building to Best Practice standards offers the opportunity for long term energy efficiency and will yield economic, environmental and social benefits to your organisation and the wider community. It is very encouraging to see that consumers are making smarter choices and looking for more sustainable homes. It is crucial that industry responds to this demand."

Energy Saving Trust Best Practice in Housing Programme

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Political Parties United in Green Debate
Environmental delegates from the UK’s three main political parties have expressed their support for the growing environmental industry sector at a Pre-Election Debate held in the House of Commons by the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC). All agreed that new and cleaner technologies were key to confronting the challenge of climate change and other environmental problems. They also noted that environmental protection and economic growth went hand-in-hand .... more  back to top

Learn How to Build an Ecohouse
Harriet Windscheffel and Chris Clements are housebuilders - but only on Wednesdays. For the rest of the week, they pursue their normal jobs. Harriett, from Liskeard in Cornwall, sells advertising on internet sites; Chris, who lives nearby in Callington, works at a youth hostel. But come the middle of the week, they don tool belts and hard hats to join 22 others - including a doctor, a lawyer, a publican, a scientist, carpenters and an unemployed eco-activist - on a pioneering sustainable house-building course that, within a few months, will give them the skills to build their own homes for just £75,000 each.....more   back to top

Will Micro Generators Cause Grid Chaos
Electricity supply could descend into chaos in 30 years time as vast numbers of small wind generators and solar cells come on to the grid. In response, a £2.5m research consortium, including Rolls-Royce and Scottish Power, has announced a project to tackle the challenges of co-ordinating such a complex distributed energy supply. ... more   back to top

UK may Miss Kyoto targets
The UK's emissions of greenhouse gases rose between 2003 and 2004, according to provisional government data. The emissions last year were 1.5% above those in 2003, and are now higher than at any time since the Labour government came to power in 1997. For the first time, the data also suggests Britain could miss its target set down under the Kyoto Protocol. Opposition politicians and green groups have accused the government of losing control of greenhouse gases...more  back to top 

Energy Rating Scheme For Buildings Delayed
Government plans to give every home, office and shop in Britain an energy rating to alert people to how much gas and electricity they are wasting have been delayed - undermining attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. An announcement was due last week on how Britain was to implement an EU directive on the energy performance of dwellings and commercial buildings. The directive forms a central plank of the government's plans to reduce the UK's carbon dioxide levels by 20% by 2010, a pledge made in the party's 2001 election manifesto. more  back to top

Wood Mileage Scheme for Local Timber
Kyoto Prefecture, in Japan, has established implementation guidelines for a special certification system of locally produced timber. The government launched the project to expand the use of wood-mileage-certified timber in fiscal 2004, aiming at effective utilization of local forest resources. Wood mileage is an indicator calculated by multiplying wood volume by the distance transported. The indicator is being used to promote the use of local wood and the reduction of energy used in transportation ... more  back to top

Ecology Building Society Announces Record Lending
There is no stopping the Ecology Building Society, who has just published its annual accounts showing growth in total assets to £55 million at the end of 2004, an increase of over 9% on 2003's year-end. Yorkshire-based Ecology is proving that green consumerism is soaring with gross mortgage lending reaching a new high of £10.5 million last year. A reduced number of redemptions in 2004 helped the Society to achieve a new record net lending figure of over £5.7 million. There was a 17% growth in new mortgage advances in 2004 compared to 2003. Mortgage completions in October were exceptionally high reaching an all-time monthly lending record, in excess of £1.6 million. The Society specialises in ethical savings accounts which fund green mortgages for properties offering an ecological payback. ... more  back to top

Shropshire Housing Scheme Wins Green Award
A new housing development in Craven Arms has secured Shropshire's first Eco Home Excellence Award - one of only ten recipients in England. The South Shropshire Housing Association development in Station Crescent was officially opened last week. The Ludlow-based social landlord part funded the development in conjunction with South Shropshire District Council (SSDC), Clear Skies, the Housing Corporation and private borrowing. ... more  back to top

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Self Build Courses
Do you want to build your own environmentally friendly house or community building but don't know where to start?  Do you need information on self build, from finding land & getting planning permission, to designing a low-energy building & sourcing
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Airtightness Training
Chiltern Dynamics has launched a new training event, Airtightness and Continuity of Insulation Explained, which will include demonstrations of thermographic inspections and airtightness testing. The event will take place on Tuesday 24th May 2005 at Chiltern Dynamics’ High Wycombe headquarters. Commercial buildings are consuming increasing amounts of energy. According to DEFRA, building energy use continues to rise... more    back to top

Grow your own house
CIRIA has launched a new publication 'Crops in Construction' handbook (C614) to encourage the use of products from agricultural crops (including animal-based outputs from farming, e.g. wool) in the UK construction industry. Applications of crops cover areas such as insulation, light structural materials, geo-textiles, paints and wall finishes, floor coverings and finishes, and boards. The handbook focuses on currently available products, and how these can be used successfully in construction projects. To buy the handbook visit or contact CIRIA on 020 7549 3300 ...

Renewable Power Events Across the UK
A list of upcoming events for anyone who wants to learn more about the expanding field of renewables, especially photovoltaic systems and their applications in building. ... more  back to top

The Road to Genesis Turning Vision Into Reality - Friday 20th May, Somerset Centre for Enterprise, Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Wellington Road, Taunton. This conference, about the Genesis project, will provide an opportunity to meet the designers and constructors of a building which pushes the boundaries of sustainable design. The regional sustainable construction resource centre is scheduled to open in February 2006 ... more  
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