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erection of a conservatory
 Started by  glenellen
 12 Jun 2009, 10:34 PM

Very new to this, so bear with the silly questions. I am contemplating the purchase of a grade 2 listed " Doll's House ". But is a tad small and needs a dining room. Would i be permitted ( subject to local planning ) to have a conservatory attached to a listed building? Also need a separate garage, again does the grade 2 listing rules affect this ?
Is there someone/ some place really nice and helpful i can talk to, or reading matter with regards to listed buildings. I have watched the English Heritage progs on TV and find it daunting. many thanks

Dr T (Guest)
Conservatories loose huge ammounts of heat if heated, in my opinion it should be illegal to heat them therefore they are part time rooms, they can get uncomfortably hot in the event that we get a summer too.

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