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Best way to insulate a roof
 Started by  clairewhite
 12 Jul 2010, 4:25 PM

I'm currently in the process of obtaining planning permission to re-roof a 200-year old cotswold stone property, and introduce dormer windows. I'm keen for the house to be as well-insulated as possible, but am somewhat baffled by the amount of information out there!
My architect has suggested having a WEB UV25 breather membrane beneath the tiling batten, then 60 celotex between the rafters, then TLS silver at the base of the rafters, then an air gap and then foil-backed plasterboard...does anyone have any views on this, and particularly how it might be improved without adding significantly to the cost?

read this first
I cant see how it is possible to have dormer windows and and be green -- they need to be insulated but dont look like dormers if you even a half reasonable insulation job.
I dont believe the foil stuff works like they say it does, for sure it would be need to be air sealed and not prone to the bellows effect or to thermal bypass to work.

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