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Does anyone know any masonry stove builders in the UK?
 Started by  Charlotte
 7 Jul 2010, 3:37 PM

Hi there, I'm trying to find someone who could build us a masonry stove (perhaps a Russian stove with a heated bench) in our house in Cornwall. Very excited to read that 'red' on this website said he was building one in the UK - although his post was about a year ago. Otherwise, I've only found kits available in the US, and beautiful Swedish stoves which are out of my price range...
Any master builders from Eastern Europe or Scandinavia out there? These stoves are the most efficient wood-burners ever, and can be really stunning, too...
I am a masonry heater builder living in Denmark.
Go to learned from Lars and build to his designYou can contact me at;
I can come to cornwall and build a heater.(I have family in cornwall)

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