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PV different sized panels
 Started by  AngeH
 25 Jun 2010, 5:02 PM

Has anyone had installed different sized PV panels with one MPPT inverter (aurora PVi-2000)? we have a small roof that has an obstruction and so to maximise the output have had it suggested by an installer that 4 x 210 Wp panels and 4 x 280 Wp panels would be a solution. The installer is adamant this would work perfectly yet another company refutes this. Any help or pointers in the right dircetion woudl be great.
We want to generate as much power as possible and so need some extra advice/ help.
Thank you
It is said that solar PV will achieve grid parity in a few years in some places like California where the grid power costs are already quite high. What is your best bet on the earliest such grid parity would be achieved in significant portions of the world say, more than 50%? In 10-12 years, 15 years?
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