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Anyone fancy being a scything champion?
 Started by  janeos
 8 May 2010, 12:41 PM

Hi all you strong builders Smile
Just to let you know we are looking for entrants for the 6th West Country Scything championship, Sunday 13th June 2010 at Thorney Lakes on the Somerset Levels, near Langport.
It's run by Simon Fairlie and is part of the Green Scythe Fair. Heats start at 11 am and continue until we have found a men's and women's champion. For more info go to Also have debate at midday with Peter Harper, Mark Fisher and Tara Garnett on Land Use: Fuel, Food or Flood? which should be very thought provoking. Green Scythe Fair is a local event run by volunteers. Usually about 2000 people over the day and held at Thorney Lakes so that people can come and camp for the whole weekend if they want to. Lots for adults and kids.

We hope this forum provides some useful feedback to guests. However, this forum is now closed to new postings. You are however, welcome to join in the discussions at our main forum: Here
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