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Japanese knot weed
 Started by  SOULEYES
 18 Oct 2009, 7:54 AM

I was going to purchase a property. Just had survey and now I find out it has Japenese knot weed. I know this is very serious, .....How much woulkd it cost to get rid off. Can you get rid of it permanantly...What damage can it do do the structure of a house...
The small lean to Garden room, has structual movement, could it have been caused by this....
Is it worth continuing with purchase, the survey revealed it was now worth 20,000 less than asking price....Estate aagent turned into some kind of wild animal, at the prospect.
Any help would be really appreciated...This property was to be a home not an investment......Smile

dont buy it!
Is it really that...bad.....!!
I thought it could be..
Any other permanent ways to remove itBoogie
it is very expensive to remove, causes structural damage and best given a wide berth (miles) -- dont buy it.

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