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B&Q say they can do it!
 Started by  GBP-Keith
 19 Nov 2008, 7:31 PM

Bioregional tell me that their recent one-planet link-up with B&Q has encouraged the company to not only stock a large range of sustainable products (over 2000 are planned apparently) but also commit to the following:
* Developing zero carbon plans for new and existing stores by end of 2008
* Developing a food sourcing policy by the end of 2008 that specifies the procurement of local, seasonal, organic and fair trade produce for canteens, cafes and vending machines
* Harvesting Rainwater from store roofs to recover 50% of water required for toilet flushing and irrigation (applies to new stores)
* Developing a logistics strategy to maximise the efficiency of domestic haulage and reduce fuel used by 15% by the end of 2009/10 financial year.
Seems quite gutsy but B&Q were fiddling with eco ideas when I first became interested in green building back in 1989 so they are not new to the idea.

They are not exactly the ideal greenies choice though are they keith? I mean they are a multinational and therefore in-fact stand for all things ungreen regardless of how many useless green-leaning consumables they stock their sheds with!Smile
The reality is DavleyG that most major retailers and corporations are being encouraged by the present government to develop green strategies..this is already extending to the built environment..I had a meeting in Dublin last week where regulation on sustainable drainage is increasing because..(the drains can't cope with the increased rainfall density hence the flooding) we therefore need to slow the rate of discharge off the buildings to the drains..and lots of councils and major companies are looking at this ..Dublin has a very high density of green roofs..very forward thinking.
WE intend preparing a paper the Sustainability, Life Cycle, Carbon Capture, Drainage and Aesthetic benefits of Green Roofs in conjunction with our colleagues in Dublin..Movement while slow is gathering momentum..more work, commitment and information dissemination is needed.

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