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Alternatives to cutting trees and constructing on urban property
 Started by  vfigueiro
 16 Jul 2009, 4:38 AM

I’m befriended with a family who bought a big terrain in an expensive residential area in Porto, Portugal. They plan to build an hotel and 5 to 10 single-family houses on it.
The property has a few old houses in it, covering about 10% of the hole area. The rest is more or less wild terrain, including some very big trees. It was once the “oasis” of a very rich family.
The bad construction planning for the city has led to an excess of new buildings already and green spots, public or private, are very rare.
I wonder if there are other alternatives to constructing on the site, which would still bring revenue to the current owners and leave the place as a green spot.
I’m willing to use my influence on them and to try to get the mayor’s attention, but I really don’t have any idea of how to make everybody happy, including the trees :)
Maybe you do?
Thanks for any input on this.
Vítor Figueiró

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