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business opportunities in alternative energy
 Started by  sathyan
 1 Jul 2009, 11:51 AM

I was not a part of dot com boom. Had I be born a little earlier, things might have been different for me. The alternative energy industry, which is at a nascent stage, is being predicted to have a great future, even bigger than the internet revolution. What makes this industry so important? Itís the simple fact that it will affect every single person living on this planet. It will benefit humans, save nature; bring about stability in world economy.
There arenít many resources available for person who is looking to build a business in alternative energy.
Experts in this field do suggest me on how to know what can one do in this industry ?
Tommy (Guest)
Non-electric, low carbon footprint sewage treatment plants are going to be a big one in the next few years - replacing the septic tank for off-mains sewage treatment. Get in on the ground floor while you still can.
You could also look at alternative insulation/plastering/building materials. The opportunities are immense and the Government is backing these 'eco-friendly' technologies. Most Builders Merchants supply the same old materials. What we need is an alternative Builders Merchant with an eye to the future, offering 'green' products instead. It would save us a lot of legwork!
mike (Guest)
I am all for it, need some more info. Where can I get this?
Tommy (Guest)
Go on-line and search for sustainable building products - sheeps wool, hemp, straw, solar powered pump stations, non-electric sewage plants, etc. there are lots of products but non 'all under the same roof'.
GBP-Keith (Guest)
Green building Store, Ecomerchant, Greenshop are just three of the new breed of merchants. but more mainstream are Burdens and Sustainability Centre

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