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Built upon 30 years of experience, this fabulous new medium will feature inspiring and in-depth articles on eco-building projects from across the spectrum and from all over the UK, most of which are written by the very people that designed or built them. Perfect for architects, builders, developers, self builders and anyone interested in keeping right up-to-date with green building trends and friends.

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We currently only operate one forum and this is called "the Green Building Forum. read more...

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Discount codes are special code numbers that are issued to customers as a reward for certain purchases or for membership of a forum or an approved, appropriate organisation. read more...

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If you are a subscriber to Green Building Magazine (prior to January 2009) and you wish to renew your subscription online, then your full contact details will need to be added to this, our new system. read more...

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Once you have paid to join the green building forum you will be sent a confirmation email, on this email there will be a link to the registration page where you can fill in your details. read more...

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Question: If you are not going to pass my personal details to third parties why do you need so much personal data?? read more...

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The Green Building Press is happy to participate in appropriate link swapping. With careful management, we believe it helps to improve the service that we offer to our site visitors and customers. If you believe that you have a website that compliments the subject area that this site covers - green building. Then follow this advice to apply for an exchange link . read more...

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We want your experience of our website to be enjoyable and of use to your personal research. The internet is a useful medium but it does suffer from occasional glitches. If by any chance you find that a part of our shop or any other part of our websites fails to work as you would expect, then we want to hear from you. read more...
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