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Pollen collected by bees toxic in many cases  Rate it
Pollen collected by bees toxic in many cases A new report from Greenpeace reveals that pollen collected by bees from European fields and brought to their hives to feed their larvae is contaminated with a cocktail of up to 17 different toxic pesticides. read more...

The natural way to deal with nuisance neighbours  Rate it
The natural way to deal with nuisance neighbours Darlington’s green business park has added a member of staff to its team – she’s feathered, friendly and she’s called Freya. She's the hawk-eyed pest control officer who keeps nuisance neighbours at bay. read more...

Birmingham - Britain's first biophilic city  Rate it
Birmingham - Britain's first biophilic city Birmingham, Britains 'second city' is joining the likes of San Francisco, Wellington and Oslo in a global network of “biophilic cities” – urban centres celebrated for their green credentials, their open spaces and their links to nature. read more...

Nuclear subsidy deal 'will kill renewables'  Rate it
UK plans to build heavily subsidised nuclear power stations have come under withering attack from a coalition of Members of Parliament, academics, energy industry experts and environmental groups. read more...

Common pesticides more toxic than originally thought.  Rate it
Common pesticides more toxic than originally thought. A new study of nine pesticides, three fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, including two neonicotinoids and Roundup, the most frequently used pesticide worldwide, have found that they are more harmful than previously believed. read more...

Do eco settings acheive anything ?  Rate it
Do eco settings on white goods make any difference? asks Lucy Siegle in this weekend's Observer. As we've upgraded our home appliances to the most energy-efficient, is there any point in also using eco settings? read more...
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