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RuralZED level 6 houses completed
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A terrace of houses in Upton, Northamptonshire are the first homes to be available on the open market with a Code For Sustainable Homes level 6 certificate. The development consists of six homes, built for the Metropolitan Housing Trust by Bill Dunster. Two are for rent, two for shared ownership and two are for sale. The homes for sale will be exempt from stamp duty.
RuralZED level 6 houses completed

The homes are built using the Zedfactory’s RuralZED system which was pioneered by architect Dunster.

The houses electrical needs are met using PV panels mounted on the roof and water is heated using solar thermal panels with a biomass boiler for backup. The stove is said to be capable of running on small amounts of waste wood and prunings. Zedfactory said the properties should only rarely need to use the woodfired heating as the houses feature sunrooms that heat the interior during the day.

The homes are built using a massive laminated timber structural system with a highly insulated envelope which results in zero demand for space heating. The ceiling and wall linings are made from eco-concrete with enough thermal mass to store the heat accumulated during sunny periods. Each home also has a water harvesting tank.

Zedfactory said the homes cost approximately 10% more to build than a conventional home.

According to ZedFactory, the annual biomass consumed bu a RuralZed dwelling is ‘well within the quota available per UK resident without using agricultural land’.

Announcing the Code 6 certification, Bill Dunster said that RuralZed could provide the solution to the UK’s housing need in future ‘when Ryan Air is folk history and the UK has to run on the limited stock of renewable energy available within its national boundaries.’

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