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Novel energy saving device wins award
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The creators of a simple, retrofit energy saving device capable of reducing home heating bills have won the 2014-15 Rushlight Energy Environmental Award, in recognition of a significant achievement in limiting energy use.

The organisation behind the device, The Chopping Company, say that we’ve got used to thinking something is only working when it’s on. Yet they know that sometimes you are better off.

Chopping simply means regularly switching systems off for short periods of time without affecting their operation. The off period makes no difference to performance but makes a big difference in saving energy and reducing costs.

Their invention The Chop-Cloc costs just £69.99 and pays back in less than 12 months. It works with any water based heating system to insert a 15 to 45 minute ‘off’ period in each hour that the heating is on. This makes no difference to comfort but saves households an average of 16% on their heating bills, with some customers saving as much as 30%.

“The role that Chop-Cloc can provide in saving energy, reducing carbon footprints and making heating affordable is beginning to be properly understood,” explains Company CEO, Mark Kerray. “We’ve had a great year with an increasing number of strategic partnerships seeing Chop-Clocs fitted up and down the country”.

High energy bills are causing suffering for millions of families across Britain, especially those on low incomes. On Sunday, 80 charities, businesses and unions called on government to end the ‘scandal’ of winter deaths by prioritising home energy efficiency. As we brace ourselves against yet another cold snap, the need for affordable, quick-fit solutions that help manage bills is clear.

The Chop-Cloc is receiving increasing recognition as a break-through invention, shortlisted for the Ashden, Greenbuild and Energy Efficiency & Renewables Awards in the last year alone. Chop-Cloc was also Highly Commended in the Innovation of the Year category at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards in June 2014.

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