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Historic house cuts energy consumption by 90%
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A Scottish historic house and museum has cut its energy use by 90% after carrying out a grant-funded retrofit project involving hundreds of LED lights.
Historic house cuts energy consumption by 90%

Callendar House, a 14th century heritage property set in the 170-acre Callendar Park in Falkirk, fitted 540 Lumilife LED bulbs as part of the project, which was funded by Falkirk Council’s Sustainable Falkirk Capital Fund. The grant funding was awarded to help Callendar House significantly cut costs and further boost its sustainability credentials after it won a Green Tourism Award in 2013.

An energy audit carried out before the project showed that replacing inefficient halogen lighting in the building's main exhibition areas, conference rooms and corridors would dramatically reduce costs and the property’s carbon footprint. A key concern when specifying alternative lighting was ensuring optimum energy-saving results were achieved without compromising on ambience. This was especially true in exhibition areas, where light is used to frame the objects on show and to help to tell their story.

Jon Cruickshank, facilities and operations assistant at Callendar House, explains: “After researching numerous suppliers, we were very impressed with the LED Hut Trade site, and its Lumilife range offered the exact LEDs we needed to match our existing fittings – including the house’s traditional chandeliers and wall lights. We were able to specify the same light output and colour combinations that we had before, whilst saving around 90% on our energy usage.

“Setting up an account on the trade website and placing the initial order was very straightforward, and the new bulbs arrived the next day. We were able to fit the LEDs ourselves, replacing the existing bulbs like-for-like with no rewiring required. As a result, we have instantly cut our lighting scheme’s energy output by around 17,700W and we’re expecting this to translate into savings of more than £3,700 a year.”

The project saw Callendar House fit 250 GU10 and MR16 LEDs as halogen replacements in its exhibition areas, conference rooms and for security lighting at night, as well as a mixture of 290 E14, E27, B15 and B22 LEDs for wall lights and chandeliers throughout. As a result the property’s energy output has reduced significantly from 19,850W to just 2,112W.

Laura Dugdale, marketing manager, says: “The Callendar House project proves that LEDs are not just a high-performance, energy-efficient solution for modern projects. Thanks to the range of fittings available, they are suitable for a whole host of applications, including heritage retrofits like this one. Our product provided Callendar House with the right mix of energy savings and lighting ambience, and has fitted so seamlessly with the unique historic atmosphere of the property. Not only will the new LED lighting scheme continue to set the scene for regular exhibitions and events, it will also deliver ongoing savings for many years to come – and is a significant step forward towards a more sustainable future for Callendar House.”

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