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Welsh businesses will have to recycle more under new legislation
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The Welsh government is in the process of putting together an Environment Bill. The overarching aims of which are to put in place legislation that will enable Wales’ resources to be managed in a more proactive, sustainable and joined-up way and to establish the legislative framework necessary to tackle climate change.

It is envisaged that the Bill will enable significant economic, social and environmental benefits for Wales.

Part 4 deals with the collection and disposal of waste – aims to improve waste management processes by helping achieve higher levels of business waste recycling, better food waste treatement and increased energy recovery.

PHS Orwak, part of PHS Group based in Caerphilly, South Wales, has announced its support for the Environment Bill, which will bring Wales more closely into line with Scotland.

“The domestic realm has embraced recycling, leaving the business world behind when it comes to waste management and avoiding waste to landfill,” explains Martin Hewitt, commercial director. “Yet the mechanisms for segregation of waste are easier to implement in the business environment, and indeed, there is a clear opportunity for businesses to make considerable financial savings by adopting a more conscientious approach to waste management. Instead of seeing the Environment Bill as an inconvenience, we actually see it as being very ‘pro-business’ and congratulate the Welsh Government on taking the initiative. This is certainly an approach that England should also be adopting.

“Most of our customers already have in place highly effective waste segregation systems that not only help them to be more efficient with regards to waste management, but also return revenue from the sale of their recyclable waste. Waste management is as much about business efficiency and maximising revenue through ‘waste as a resource’ as it is about avoiding waste to landfill and environmental concerns. The more businesses that understand this, the better for everyone.”

The company specialises in the sale and rental of a variety of systems that allow business to better handle recyclable waste such as cardboard and packaging. Their range of cardboard balers allow businesses to easily manage this type of waste, cutting down on the time and effort needed to collect waste cardboard, and compacting it into bales ready for collection by recycling agents.

“The proposed Environment Bill will include requirements for businesses and public sector organisations to ensure that recyclable materials are separated before being reprocessed,” continues Hewitt. “The Welsh Government is correct in assuming these materials will consequently command a higher price in the recycling market. There is a growing market for recyclable materials, and businesses should be looking at ways they can take advantage of this opportunity. Putting in place mechanisms to better manage recyclable waste is easy, and both the operational efficiency savings and potential revenue streams are considerable. All businesses and organisations should be embracing this opportunity.”

It is expected that the Bill will receive Royal Assent by spring 2016.

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