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Prototype Welsh solar house complete
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The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones made a visit to Rhosygilwen, near Cilgerran in Pembrokeshire, last Thursday to unveil a new eco home. Ty Solar is a low-cost, timber clad home, which not only generates its own solar energy but is also capable of producing excess energy revenues of up to £1,000 a year.
Prototype Welsh solar house complete

The prototype has been built by Pembrokeshire-based company Western Solar Ltd, which aims to manufacture 12 next year, with each reaching at least level four of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The property, which measures 100sq metres and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, will be available for sale for just £75,000, although that does not include the plot of land.

The highly competitive price tag ensures that a family home with garden could be purchased for under £100,000 – substantially lower than the UK average £150,000.

Western Solar Ltd has been awarded £141,000 of Welsh Government funding towards the new project, which will create 10 semi-skilled manufacturing jobs.

The ground-breaking research and design programme has been led by Glen Peters, Western Solar’s CE0.

He said: “Ty Solar project combines the sustainable manufacturing of homes with low-cost energy production in one single concept, at a time when Britain is facing both a housing and energy crisis.

“Our hand-built, timber homes are sourced and constructed in Wales, using local people and materials, and readily blend into our rural landscapes. They are attractive to look at and home owners will have the option to paint them or leave them to age gracefully in the elements.”

Speaking after having a tour of Ty Solar, Carwyn Jones told the Western Telegraph: “It’s very impressive. With these things it’s always difficult to turn a concept into something practical, but we see it here today.

“Sustainable materials have been used and local labour has been used to build it.

“Really for me, the killer fact is that the house uses about 12 per cent of the energy that a conventionally built house would use for its size, and these days of rising energy costs, that has got to be good for people.”

Credits:: Western Telegraph

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 Positive review of this story
8 Dec 2013, 11:52 AM 
need more detail
Most encouraging that this project is moving ahead. but to get my full blessing i need more detail please

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